December 14th, 2004

modern nazgul

the undeath of ivan illych.

yesterday the curtain in the tabernacle was rent, & adam & theresa came to visit. any correlation between these events is impossible to prove scientifically, but those in the know, know. we know stuff about horns with crowns, & crowns of horns, more-over. the click-click-clack-whir of a minigun sounding sort of secrets. like i was saying, theresa (pseudo-raynndrop) & adam "midnight13" came rolling in with baby peyton around 8:00. i let theresa into the apartment with the spawnling, & adam & i cruised around looking for a parking space. fucking parking in park slope isn't usually that terrible, is it? anyhow, there was some jack-ass suv flashing its lights at us, but eventually & without too much trouble we went up to the apartment. i fixed us all drinks while, i don't know, we caught up? it was nice to see theresa again, i don't know. any real passion of feeling for her is dormant, but i do love her. adam i like surprisingly more every time i see him. the baby, eh. babies are just little wriggling things, i don't like them. children i like, kids, right? when they can talk & play with you. but the baby just wanted to cry & hate me. hate me, peyton! the power of christ compels you!

jenny took the creepiest picture of me, holding the baby & in front of the christmas tree. i hate her for it! little miss jenny, trouble inc. ceo. after theresa & adam left, i went & bought wine & we watched spider man 2. then that night i had a dream about jenny masturbating & then us having sex in a sleeping bag while camping. this is the story of my dream-erotica! lets get real, lets get dirty. or wait, lets get mean, lets get homocidal. lets do that, instead. oh hey remember when i had that sex dream about dismembering a girl & then thought i had become a serial killer? that was pretty hot, i still have that in my self-pollution-portfolio. also the "fucking her on disney's haunted mansion ride" is a recent member to that august library, even though jenny & i didn't actually have sex on it.
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so i was swinging at chris with a (presumably) burnt-out flourescent lightbulb. & of course it cracked open, spilling out its guts with a loud pop that almost drowned out christopher shouting, because he had been cut. so there is blood & broken glass everywhere & the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "uh, i'm not cleaning that up."
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