December 4th, 2004

cigarette burns

torturing rats with a hacksaw.

i think it was little washu who said you can't call yourself a new yorker until you've thrown up at cbgbs. so i guess i'm a fucking new yorker, dig? or as that one cyberpunk chick in that one episode of captain power & the soldiers of the future would say, "scan me?" man, that show was great. you'd have your spaceship/gun (thats fucking right spaceshipslashgun. one & the fucking same! my heart be still!) & you could shoot the guys on the television! too right! just fucking cruising around, lord dread in his big darth-vader winged spaceship, taking potshots at soaron & blastar. & it was written by j. michael stryzinsky & one of the characters even mentioned babylon five? yeah that show was great. i have a vhs tape full of episodes.

after work, peter & i met simon at dojos. we split a pitcher of bass, i gave simon some info (more on that in a second) & they ate. i was too full from eating at subway earlier. we made merry, then left for the movie theater. along the way we got coffee at a place i've never seen, "beard papa." apparently its a chain in japan making inroads in america? at least thats the vibe i got- its filled with imported nihonjin shouting exuberantly in nihongo. fun fun fun. then we met david, matt, & matt's lady jen for to the movie "i <3 huckabees." this is when i discovered that the bottle of rum i'd bought earlier & smuggled in? was a size too big. i was a little bit smashed, hammered, demolished. so after the movie, david & pedro & i walked to cbgbs to see andrew's band "guns on high street" play at a show called "monkey knife fight." there, i fell asleep for a while, & threw up in the bathroom, & woke up feeling much refreshed. greatly refreshed. oh & peter threw the only game i've ever seen him throw- & it wasn't bad! the girl was good lookin' & he scored her number, so there you go. & then crazy fucking david bought peter & i a cab ride home. like i'm fucking bill gates! riding in style!
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