November 20th, 2004


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you know whats great? when kind of chubby black girls decide to go all ultra-cuddly. you know what i mean? like, the roundish but still kinda hottish girls who wear baby blue fuzzy hats with their mini-dreads poking out of the bottom, & a comfy fleece sweatshirt & shit? that look is golden; looking like some kind of sassy stuffed animal is a nice sort of game to throw. i give those girls props, especially when they come into my book store looking for decent books.

another dude who came in today had this to say, after browsing for like, an hour: "i'm just going to throw this out there. my mom is a 70 year old woman, & she's a lesbian. what would you think she might want to read?" my book recomendation was of course, ammonite. i don't know, what was i supposed to say? i suppose if i thought about it for long enough, there'd be about a million old-lesbian books. ryan would know, i suppose.
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