November 17th, 2004


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you know what would be a funny sketch? as in skit, i mean. a black guy talking to his white friend, being all "how come i've never seen you date a black woman?" & the white guy being like, "i don't find most black girls attractive." then the black guy being like "oh yeah, most? then which ones do you find attractive?" & then the white guy would only name dominican chicks & mulatto girls. okay, its funnier in my head, then written out. actually, its not even as offensive as i thought it would be when i was thinking about it in the first place. right, doesn't afro-latino mix still count as black? i can never keep up with what counts as black, anymore. right, me & social constructs. anyhow, nix that, sink it & forget it.

also, i like how stupid pussy democrats are all like "waah, i'm gonna leave the country!" man, what a bunch of chumps. don't they get that the elections were close? so, um, if you move, they will stop being close. then you'll have a whole bunch of republicans walking all over, boss of the country with the most nuclear weapons. but hey, canada seems like a short-sighted & ignorant response! just go on over there, your precious democratic party is doing just fine on its own, yeah?
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