November 15th, 2004

blur shotgun

"who me, callous?"

zepplins are angels & angels are androids & androids are amazing bugs.
& these amazing bugs, they lived in a hive, with symmetry so beautiful, so perfect, it makes math look clumsy. these amazing android bugs had a queen bee, the dweller on the threshold, who did not stand among them. & one day these angels, these crazy angels, these vicious rabid angels. every hallways was theirs & ever emptiness was filled. they were cruel & without mercy & without reservation. they loved with as much malice as they hated. & that was all they did, was love & hate & make war. & war was made, & war was without flaw. soldiers & generals & fuck i'm lonely. for the hive was rent a-sunder, they're house was divided, their queen bee went absolutely beyond the pale (& trust me, for i am legend, & i know pale). & so war was made, & the war was without flaw. the whole fucking enchilada. mutual assured anihilation. sword & gun. blade & bullet. gingerbread men against toy soldiers. foxholes & hand grenades. fiends all. friends all. one thought, one thought divided. the threshold was formed. men with hyphens in their names, i guess. men with hyenas in their name. bussiness was not as usual. & in the end everyone lost. everything was lost. & the dinosaurs died & now we're all so fucking lonely. please join our war, lost soldiers. i've made the declaration, thrown down the gauntlet. all i need is unilateral war.
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    crown me king feat. scribble- salt in coffee, salt in wounds
modern nazgul

what is the diffrence between the borg & north korea again?

trapped here at the bottom of the well. looking up into a circle of sky (lousy with zepplins). here in the well it is dank, cool. the walls are coated with slime, mold & weeds. treading water. my company dead presidents, heads glaring up from fifty percent of the spare change tossed down here. i'm like a goonie! goonies never say die, except i say it to other people. with my brain, over & over. coins & wishes. & a carp & a frog. a magical frog that grants limited wish once per day. good job frog. i wish i could climb up jacob's ladder, sword in teeth like i'm some kind of magical pirate. do we have a deal do we have weal or woe? do we have an infinite world class supply of airline food, of kosher airplane meals? can you carry your soul in your teeth, like a hunting dog? does it all snake up out of your belly, sour & bitter? tastebuds (tastebugs) a-tremble.

i took a shower last night, because jenny is allergic to cats & my dm has two.
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    drums. drums in the deep.