November 6th, 2004


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so here is something i've been thinking about. maybe the presidency should pay more. i mean, if the job actually made bank (other than, you know, kick-backs & haliburton etc.) maybe there would be a little more competition among the elite for the job. i mean, the fact that it doesn't pay much doesn't matter to most candidates, because they are already rich, right? but maybe there would be more takers if the job paid more! what the fuck am i talking about? am i drunk?

last night i went to go see andrew's band "guns on high street" play at the continental. there was some other fools who played, too. anyhow, andrew's mother & aunt were there, & now they are totally crushing on me. andrew had told them about the whole forensics thing, & they kept telling me about how they're father was a pathologist & crime scene photographer, & they're grandfather was a crimonologist, & all that. they are in love with me & want to have 1,000,000 of my babies. anyhow, when we decided to leave, carla (who i had a nice talk/shout with) talked us into going to dojos for a pitcher. we also got hijiki-tofu, natch. jenny didn't even finish her drink! i didn't really want to go- i wanted to go to brooklyn & maybe have a drink here? but carla, who feels left out since now we all live in kings county, convinced us.
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all along the gallows that lined the forbidden city's road.

stop the presses! black people are more prone to sickle cell...& jews?! looks like hitler was right? oh fuck, man whose laughing now? those fucking nazis left in argentina, thats who! them & the dentist from little shop of horrors, but that dude is high on nitrous oxide, so whatever. oh, & that crazy guy in the 15th st/prospect park station; he's laughing too, but i think he might secretly BE a nazi! maybe i should go torture him to see if i can find out where he's hiding his stash of kugerands! what a world, what a world! maybe those corpsefucking weirdos on the outskirts of town know about this; we better wrangle up a posse to deal with them- i'll need a fighter, a rouge, & a wizard. no clerics! you how i get around men of the cloth. or women of the cloth, except if it was a hot nun, that might be hot. don't they have some comic about a nazi nun with a sword who fights crime?

speaking of comics, i read garth ennis' "punisher: born" today, & i really liked it! i was supprised; i've kind of soured on ennis, but maybe i judged too soon. also, peter pointed out something to me yesterday that i'd densly not recognized: in the sandman story where he's hanging out with all those stars? right, i caught that rao is superman's sun, i'm not totally dumb, but i missed that the blue chick with white hair is the ancestor to the green lantern midgets! so thats cool.

also: secret missions.
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