October 22nd, 2004


makin' a shark wear a cape.

so here is the lay of last night. it began with work- a night rife with rumors of a surprise visit by the store owners, which never materialized. peter took off for his poker game, & i trundled into manhatten. a digression- is the etymology of "mosey" related to moses' wandering in the desert for 40 years? anyhow, to return to the course. i walked to the cherry tavern (my hip has been hurting lately, whats up with that?) found that ivana wasn't there, & then walked to union square to make the rendez vous easier on the out-of-towner. my phone was on the blink (low battery) but things worked out in the end. anyhow, then we went BACK to cherry tavern, because i'm a bull dog like that. once i get my teeth in something i ain't letting go. maybe i mean goblin dog. got some drinks at cherry tavern, then met up with gerd & soup. oh- i am leaving out the people from ivana's art thing that came- kelly, george, ryan. anyhow, gerd & soup met up with us & then we all took our leave of the cherry tavern. george & ryan went to the hostel, & the rest of us went to route...uh, 64a?

anyhow, route some number or something. i'd been there once before. remember when i got mad at jenny for getting all slutty dancing with that girl? but mostly i was just drunk & fussy? well, in my mind that memory remains (as it always does) but i spin doctored it into thinking there might be dancing? & the girls wanted dancing. so what do i know? anyhow, the place was dead, so we drank some drinks, soup hit on ivana a lot, then we motored. on, silver, hi ho. though i guess more like sable, right? all black rider n' shit.

in between one bar & the next (i can't remember which we were leaving, which we were on our way to) i ran into julia. i met julia with matt one time. anyhow! she likes the same scum bag shit as i do, so i told her i'd call her & we could hook up tonight. she wants to go to beauty bar, & mostly i figure that if i've got ivana & co. with me, that might be okay. but really otherwise? i could take a miss on that scene. i don't know. new friends, right? like, this guy david. we're trying to be friends, in the wake of miss priss' departure- without her as the social bridge, we don't run into each other casually. anyhow, every time i call him i totally sound like i'm asking him out on a date. it totally sounds like that.

okay, after that street-name bar, we went to uh...starlight. i guess its gerd's hood? i don't know my gaybar scene so well. but it was okay, & apparently on one day it gets crowded with lots of hot lesbos. of course, they don't let sausage factories like me in then, but you know, i saw this wayan's brother movie once? & i totally got a great idea for how to sneak in.

on my way to the store this morning i stopped by the used seafood dealer? & got some oysters!
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oh, & then we stopped by the pizza place & i got a ziti slice. which means, basically, a slice of pizza with an inch of baked ziti on top of it. & it was tasty. i'd been craving one since i saw peter have one the night before. anyhow, then on the train ride home, i saw a spilt can of steel reserve! where are these trig motherfuckers getting steel reserve? anyhow, shit! i hear the bells of the thrift-fish truck coming through- i've gotta go catch it & get some second-hand calamari!
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