October 17th, 2004


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went over to kira & nino's for mexican, aztec beating hearts, jose cuervo & conquistadors. you know, that thing. the apartment that, you know, i lived in for about two 1/2 months. that jenny lived in for who knows, a few years. food was good (i complained as little as possible about the fajita juices) & the liquor was adventuresome (sallying forth when out of mix to buy lemonaide, for instance). also; jenny & jodi had never heard fajita purposfully mis-pronounced "fa-ji-ta?" not "fa-hee-ta," you know? the sexualized way. anyhow, i was not much fun at all- i got tired all of a sudden & wanted to go. sleepy sleepy mordicai. on the way home apparently i was cute or something? i don't know. i was a moray eel, i kept saying. curled up in my cave, ready to bite.
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    crown me king- "godzilla's gospels"