September 30th, 2004


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oh figs. sons of apokalips we are gathered here today to pay homage to brother battle. or should we say brother lacunae. because now that he's gone, we've got to start calling him by his other names. tom thumb. devil childe! recognize my empty face, oh my fucking brothers. let me scream it at you same as alex screaming something, waving his knife. shit shit shit. god damn it i can't stop laughing. stop the funeral everybody. lets disembark from this train, lets throw away all our cassette tapes & listen to the radio. signals beamed from heaven & bounced off the atmosphere. oh hell oh swell. its all short story i guess. its all robert lewis stephenson's "suicide club," you know? oh fuck you, what do you know. oh my only friend. oh i like it when i talk about friends. like someone has known me, like i could expect, i don't know, like i could expect someone to excuse me. no, its back to the drawing board. i'll stop being broken & start being charming again & then everyone will be my friend again, you know. sway.
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