September 26th, 2004

goblin sneak

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we sat around the apartment like a bunch of mafia wiseguys planning a heist. only, more animatedly, with bigger, more psychotic grins. nine of 26 is in town, which kinda catalyzed the whole mix- next thing you know, little washu came up from philly, christopher followed me home from work, & i guilt tripped the illscientist into showing up. beating his plowshare into a sword, as it were (aka flaking on a barbeque for good times at the hotel new york. said with all the devil worship explicit in the "hotel california). for our part, jenny & i provided the first couple salvos of drinks- a bottle of jack & a bottle of skyy (both now demolished). then after everybody smoked little washu's cloves, we drifted (on the oort cloud) into the deli to buy beer. rolling rock, brooklyn lager, & asahi. the japanese snuck in there, like they "snuck into" pearl harbor in double-yah double-yah two. anyhow, jenny poured some of that sex drug we got off the internet into my beer. its a shame she dropped the one bottle, so we were down to half a dose each. not that i'm complaining, mind you- without it there wouldn't've been any sex drugs at all! anyhow, finally we were allowed to forfeit/concede trivial pursuit. its funny how i always think i want to play that game, when i've been drinking, yet totally hate playing it when i've been drinking. so folks took off, i went to bed, jenny stayed up talking to little washu (who was sleeping on our futon, like arthur sleeps on a bed of roses beneath avalon), i got a little annoyed (remember, sex drugs in my system), came out, talked to. then we went to bed for sex. jenny had some lovely things to say during the deed. i like it when she talks while we have sex. its hot as anything.

oh, & i had the cops called on me at work. a girl came in with her (text)book & was all "i got the wrong book." so me, i don't really care that the return date is passed, not for something like that, so i was going to do the exchange. except it turned out that the book she wanted we don't have, because its for kings bourough. so, at that point i'm like, "okay, here's the problem. we don't have that book. & the return deadline for textbooks, no matter when you bought it, is set by the start of the brooklyn college semester. so i can't do a return on this. uh, the only thing i can do is give you some money if you sell it back to us." so after some grandstanding, hands to the forehead, sniffing back tears, she decided to sell it to us. she spent $34 on the the book, & we gave her $14 dollars for it. which, if you are selling your book to us, is not a bad fucking ratio. anyhow, she left, & about an hour later, her mother came in & started causing a ruckus. first she said i was ripping her kid off 'cause she was young (she was like, i dunno, 19? 20?). then she said i thought that her & her daughter were stupid, because they were black. then she said to stop smirking at her. to be fair, i was smirking, but everybody knows i can't stop smiling. i'm so fucking jolly. so basically. her daughter had thrown the bag out, so she didn't have the receipt. i had a receipt, since her daughter signed the fucking buyback slip. her daughter had the fucking return policy in the book, so she couldn't even have claimed ignorance. but, you know, she threatened to sue me anyhow. it was pretty funny. anyhow, eventually she got bored & left, but only after making sure that i wouldn't refuse to sell her daughter books in the future. okay?
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m-ouse ears.

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you know that simpson's episode, where homer joins the navy & is assigned to a nuclear submarine? well, the part where the captain is all "what do we want?" & homer, who is sitting at the officer's mess, is like "peas!" as he looks at the table. the captain says "thats right! peace. & whats the best way to get peace?" & homer, who is at this point trying to start eating the peas & is pawing at them with cutlery is like "with a knife!" & the captain is like "thats right! with a knife. ah, seamen, you're a man after my own heart."

you know that part?
that part is awesome.

(p.s. i said "semen." i mean, seaman.")
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so jenny is still asleep & she's so scrumptious. i mean, really. bite, bite, bite. though i guess the bite marks on my shoulder would stand as a fair testimonial to my mordaciality. as in, bite-able am i! really though. a girl in bed is great as anything. she's all willowy legs & turning her shoulder into me when i get into bed to cuddle her. plus, she's pliant as hell when i want to feel her up. man, sleeping jenny has its merits. i mean, most of the time i'm bummed when she's out like a light, seeing as i want her to come & hang out with me. but i'm doing a decent job entertaining myself, which leaves plenty of room to be well inclined towards her. i mean, shoot. she's lying there without a care in the world, arms thrown up behind her head. its a second away from being that whole sexy model arching the back thing. she's always right there, right on the cusp of being kittenish. unless she's actually being all rouge superstar. she's drawn like a girl in a comic book! its so great. man, i'm a sucker for her. dumb old me.
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