September 15th, 2004

modern nazgul

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can't articulate anything. i guess thats why they call it inarticulate rage? gnashing my teeth? more like grinding my teeth, like sharpening swords for battle. i keep brushing my teeth- its like i can feel the venom dripping off my fangs. this long seige on heaven gets me weary, you know? sometimes its almost like i lose sight of the end. you get to thinking about stalemates. to the hive, spread out across countless worlds, gnawing endlessly at the roots of the world ash. fuck, lets all drink a toast to the giants, & do a last charge of the night brigade style moment, huh? build our babel out of a tower of skulls. little johnny's drank his last, & now he'll drink no more; for what he thought was h20 was h2so4!
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closeup samurai

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so i get the new planar handbook, & they are talking about the "elsewhale." its this big ole white whale that can take people into its (soft, fleshy) mouth, holding them in an airpocket, & then cross planar boundries. its alignment is "usually neutral good." so i start thinking. you change that alignment to chaotic evil, & basically you could have moby dick. & if you've got moby dick, then that explains the presence of the devil on board the pequod, & more importantly, that means that captain ahab could have harpooned & yoked himself to that hump like a snow hill, & gone planescape. just like, i don't know, maybe that whirlpool took captain nemo through a planar vortex, into the elemental plane of water. i like all my lunatic sea captains to live on.

so a while ago, i got a subscription to dragon magazine. mostly its kind of mediocre, but its monthly, & its about dungeons & dragons. so basically, consider me tickled pink. anyhow, it recently was revamped for d&d's 30th anniversary, & so far 1) isn't carrying fiction. which is great, because shitty fantasy fiction is...well, shitty. & a signifigant chunk of the publication. so i'm happy to see that dropped. 2) has started with more "intresting" articles. like, last month they had a "samurai versus knight" article, & this month they had a thing tracing all of howard phillip lovecraft's influences on dnd. 3) they've been pushing the "ecology of the _____" vignettes, which i like. the one bad thing is that i think they've moved gary gygax's coloumn to dungeon magazine.
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extinction of the giants, cont'd.

today in manhattan i went out of my way to step on a snail. sheer malice, i guess. crunched like thunder in the heavens. rumble, rumble, then it ceased suddenly, without fading. fucking snails; like armored slugs. you think getting wrapped up in your shell can fucking protect you? do you think you evoke the nautilus? i'll see you smashed. your attempt at defense just angers me. i can draw out leviathan with a fish hook. you think i can't end you just as easily? drawn fucking pistols. i don't even care.
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