September 9th, 2004

cigarette burns

gentlemen, i have devised a weapon.

the camazotz flutter about in the night sky, uttering their screams, unheard by all. the only sounds come from their occasional victim, snatched into the sky to be drained of liquids & life. the center of the city is a ziggurut, stepped & stained. somewhere at the top of it is a perfect astrological prophecy, a map of a time when all men turned to jaguars & devoured each other. its all exactly like the satanic nuns described. a testament too those anakim who first outgrew the weaknesses of man. somewhere in the jungle a monkey screetches, as if outraged. the wind rustles & in the temporary clearing of the foliage, moonlight glints off the gold that makes up the building. cortez had been so very far away from the truth, hadn't he?

at the top of the terraced pyramid, something feline steps, from out of the stars.
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    crown me king- bisexual girls ain't shit.