July 29th, 2004

closeup samurai

have some fire, scarecrow.

i spend so much of my free time trying to lathe the edges of stubborn puzzle pieces. the lists i come up with mean something, even if i peg it into escapism. but i keep my head down. i'm surviving the holocaust right now, as we speak, green ink etched into my arm. the whole world seeks to quell my hate & vigor. & everyone you trust turns out to be believing in folk science. pop psychology. fuck this- i miss the dinosaurs, now long buried in stone. those great dragons, & how they screamed their defiance even into the face of the plummeting me. our dooms so desperately interwoven. now its like sea gulls in parking lots. so wrong, but so common.
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    blue sky theory feat. crown me king- the smashing
goblin sneak

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the goblins tell a tale of the time that the splendid gentlemen came to visit rustmrik, the great goblin king. the twins, agony & ecstacy, offered to rustmrik dominion over sadism, offered to him a high throne among the demons of the maze. the air was filled with the perfume of brimstone, of gunsmoke, & the twins departed, full answered. their true form now, beneath their well heeled veneer, is that of two corpses, bullet ridden, missing entire sections blown away by the great rustmrik hollowhaunt. amen.

(each wight has an onus. the thrown wights, or iel'seid, are those who dwelt in the city ife, in glory & elegent violence. the gallows wights, or mum'seid, are those who went amongst the enemies of god & brought to them death. the crown wights, or ade'seid, were left to persue their own reckless agendas, to grow sophisticated in cruelty.)
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