July 22nd, 2004


the machines communicated their love via magnetic tape.

of late i've been fortinbras sulking in the north. you know that old chestnut about the frustration hypothesis. oh it leads to aggression alright. but i spend my time at work getting paid (i got a raise!) & so i stomach my hate. i turn it into a black pearl, tuck it away amongst the ichors & tissues of my body. i'm full of strands of them, beads of secretion afixed end to end. i fully intend to wield them as a garrote. for now i carry them about like bullets imbeded in my flesh. like pips on a playing card.

i convinced david to put up employee recomendations (20% off).
mine were of course house of leaves & vurt.
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    crown me king- up, down, strange, charm, truth, beauty.