July 21st, 2004

blur shotgun

why do flying monkeys wear elevator operator uniforms?

i had so much i wanted to talk about. stuff i wanted to think about, say about, etc. there was the bit where, earlier this morning, i'd explained to therese about "videlicet" & how james is nothing more than the skin that occurs when you boil milk for too long. that part happened- then there was a long interlude where caffine & mordicai negotiated a general sort of insanity. it uh...it got weird. but i kept it in check. you say paranoia, i say....what do i say? i don't say anything. saying something means you can be quoted. suffice to say, its dangerous. or if its not? it might as well be. i might seem like i'm acting a fool. this knife says otherwise.

tonight i watched the gilmore girls & talked about the state of my heart. its true- i'm in love with jenny. to be fair, i could be faking it. i mean, theoretically. but i'm not. i think that can be clearly determined. shit, i like her. i have nothing intresting to say. here is a free-be? you think you have any idea what i'm up to? i'll fucking consume you.
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    crown me king- swore by the stars & the big iron on his hip

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so stephen merrit said i was in the clear. he signed my report card teacher. i mean, i guess? i have nothing to complain about. which is the problem. shouldn't there be terror & children being sent down the nile in small baskets? thats what is supposed to happen when i roll into town. i mean- i had that moment? where i realized if i was some rap star that i would buy a suite at the luxor in nevada, & rule over court there. instead here we are on the yellow brick road of sorcery. we face iron golems & scarecrows, but we triumph, yes? oh what the hell.

ladies & gentlemen, allow me to introduce out gunfighters.

something about sleep becomes real unsatisfying as soon as i realize thats whats going on. i mean, whats with that? i start to have a lucid dream & the first thing i decide to do is end it. i guess thats not such a bad plan, though it is a bit hamlet of me. really the part of my dream worth telling is HAL repeating himself- "all these worlds are yours, except europa. attempt no landings there." there was a great deal of stuff on how to wear a samurai sword- slinging it at your side for daily use or wearing it along your back for parade rest. but hey? when i woke up, i had the crazy 88s walking music in my head. in other words, look out planet earth. today i'm especially dangerous.
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    crown me king- mordred gains the throne!