July 15th, 2004

modern nazgul

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well, i'll say this for chaumurky. the poisoner comes to our apartment every so often, & its not like we can pretend it isn't working. bugs do die; their numbers dwindle rapidly. this last time the exterminator came, he did a triple-thorough job. it is possible that the remnant has been rooted out. with the end to the infestation (gracious me but i like the word infestation) we can stop sleeping on the futon & move back to our bed, right & proper. all thanks to the miracle of poison. i knew hiring satanic bug-killers was smarter than getting the garden variety sort. anybody can tell you that.
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also, how about this. we get rid of cops all together, at least so far as enforcement. instead, the government just issues bounties on the heads of criminals. the entire populace is armed with guns. anybody can throw their hat in the ring. actual "protection" is taken care of by the people themselves.

or, how about, sam brown style red robots take over everything?
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i heard them cry out "save my soul!" as i passed below.

virochana & melek-i-taus perched on either shoulder of saladin, whispering sweet words laced with honeysuckle & saffron. saladin's scimitar layed easily across his lap, & as the shaitan-pair danced in his head, he contemplated the gateway before him. the bronze skinned man with the hourglass eyes who had left it in his care had warned him off it, with the smug assurance of the wicked. to saladin, great king & loyal servent of allah, the five dragon heads looked not so fearsome. the seal of solomon had bespoke its secrets to him, to saladin, & not this sickly foreigner in black.

of course, saladin wasn't aware of tiamat's importance in the sumerian pantheon.
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