July 11th, 2004

cigarette burns

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so i'm feeling pretty okay with how jenny's birthday party turned out. 'cause i mean, making a party for an occasionally (severely) antisocial girl can be difficult! but it ended up being me & her & sarah & kira & nino & jodi? & mr. bud weiser. there was some trivial pursuiting, but mostly just bantering. screw the west coast, in other words. so anyhow, that was fun, right? 40oz galore!

so sarah? is great to have around. jenny hypothesized that if the team was me, her, & sarah? that everybody's clam shell would be shed & we'd all become machines of mischief & silliness? it turns out she was right. i wish sarah lived in new york to be jenny's permanent playmate, but since she has to live in hollywood, i guess no dice. its just nice to have another psycho extrovert around.

ps. i wasn't actually jealous of the 14 year old boys jenny talked about having oral sex with on those videos she made when she was in jr. high or whatever! i just had to leave because the 40oz kept making my ass explode. cest la vie. such is the way of the warrior. but really! i'm only a little jealous. fucking little kid pieces of crap are about the get laid upside the head! shit. fucking twerps.
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