July 10th, 2004

closeup samurai

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yesterday i went out to astoria to visit madame terra & help her (a little) make key lime pie. i used a "zester." for lunch we two intrepid cosmonauts had, at her behest, an experimental sandwich called a "apple tea honey butter turket sandwich," which includes: apples, earl grey tea, honey, butter, turkey, & bread. i also saw socrates & athena- viz, terra's neighborhood has got a pretty nice park-ish area. & is not really all that far from here, as long as you keep your wits about you & stick with the n train. i came home (reading tank girl along the way) & ate chicken soup & chocolate chip cookies with jenny. the rest of the evening was a blur of vaccuuming & watching firefly.

now, jenny's best friend sarah is here, sleepn' on our futon.
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m-ouse ears.

jace & the wheeled warriors.

feel that pressure at the base of your skull? that, motherfucker, is me. i'm worming my way in, drilling out your brainstem like an applecore & slotting yours truely right on in. how does it feel to be penetrated...BY MY BRAIN? by this time tommorow you'll all be crawling like spiders & gnashing your teeth at the heavens! enjoy your new "hive-mind" suckers! shit, you'll be like the borg, & i will be your sexy, slimy queen. come on & lick my boots you little pedipalps! wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!


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blur shotgun

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oh shit nephew! snoopy? man, thats one bad mofo, you hear me? he's all rat-a-tat-tat on a dark & stormy night & all kinds of shit. & his little bird dude friend is all ready to bust out three kinds of kung-fu on your ass! oh HELL no we ain't getting in no turf war with schultz's crew, whaddaya, got a death wish or some else shite? you gonna be dog food if you mess with The Brown! damn, what, you got rock in your head or something? you somekinda retard i never heard of before? fuck you, man, van pelts gonna where your skin for a COAT you start fucking with that gang. you don't step to them. hella, one dude i saw get stranged with a motherfucker's baby blanket; & that them piano fucker? he's all clockwork orange & what have you!
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