July 4th, 2004


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while i was at work on saturday, jenny tore the whole apartment up in preparation for Project: Big Wash. as phase one of the bed-bug war, we took literally everything fabric in our apartment to the laundromat. i was scattered brained from an early morning & a day at work, & so i kept forgetting things, which certainly didn't distract from the stress. basically, while i carted everything we owned that was soft & cuddle from our apartment to the laundomat & then back, jenny stayed in the laundromat playing juggle the 18 loads of laundry & then folding the clothes & shoving them into plastic bags. it was a very annoying hassle, & there was some snipishness. not to terrible much, i don't think. today the exterminator came & sprayed some juice some places. then we vaccumed the hell out of the bed, & started unpacking. most of the stuff is unpacked & put back in its place.

i want to take jenny out on a picnic with david & whitney, but i fear it is not to happen. she was awfully grumpy for a while, but is now taking a nap. i'm hoping she feels better after her nap. if she wakes up in time for group fireworks, that be swell, but i'll go either way. i am just trying to provide her with "things to do," which was something she mentioned as a way to improve her over-all happiness level. anyhow, i've decided to count not letting her break up with me as "taking care of her," paradoxically pre-empting her concern that she only ever takes care of me & i don't return the favor. as matt damon says: how about them apples!
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