June 25th, 2004

cigarette burns

herein i will endevour to describe my perceptions:

i left work & opted to come home, rather than go to david's. the art show jenny was attending with carla & andrew was begining at 7:00 & so i had thought (here, highly subjectively) that she would be home not long after me. i tried to buy groceries (was foiled) & washed the dished while waiting. eventually i got in touch with her, discovered her agenda, &c. on her way to the apartment from the subway, jenny decided to call me & invite me for a drink at a local pub. i accepted & met her there. it was strange. she had ordered my drink & sat it in front of a stool across from her, while laying out her bag next to her so i could not sit next to her. here proceeded a weird dating moment, like we were novices to each other. it was fun & exciting but i couldn't help wonder what was going on. eventually she confessed to having no intention of drinking another drink. she bought me one last round & then we walked home. on the walk, she started hitting me, open fist, on the stomach, & telling me she hated me. viz, she took some joke i made as to her semi-drunk state the wrong way. upon my complaint, she parlayed this into (as she later told me) into her reawakening her anger for me from 3 days ago. me asking her to stop hitting me made her think of my "mysterious bruises" (courtesy of shakespeare & co.'s counter, which attacked me while i was carrying buybacks to the door) & subsequently grow angry with me. so here i sit, drinking one of her unfinished beers from a few days ago. we left the bar with my arm around her, but somewhere she pushed it off. i went to bed with her, trying to read while she drifted off, but somehow here i am on a computer.
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revelation 12:3-4
& there appeared another wonder in heaven, & behold a great red dragon, having seven heads & seven crowns upon his heads. & his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, & did cast them to earth...

seven-fold we are when war begins, we crowns. we dread & terrible caliphs, to whom the paltry secrets of solomon & all alchemists are as the candle, easily snuffed out. for all of mankind's lore, long since departed by feckless grigori, can not assail the black palace. seven-fold we are until we shatter like glass at the lake of brimstone. our fists filled with stolen stars, we walk the boundries of the war, mercenary, picking off the weak until our time is come. sorcerers will call us with sign & sigul, but we will have passed beyond the reach of their witchcraft.
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