June 16th, 2004


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i returned to brooklyn with something trying to eat its way out of my abdomen, & under threat of a subway conspiracy that kept holding the trains i was riding at various stations. but i prevailed, hail the blood soaked madhi. so now i'm home, with a sleeping girlfriend in the next room, & beans & rice on the stove. i'm hoping her nap rejuvinates her, rather than heralds an extraordinarily early bedtime, but we'll see how it turns out on the end, won't we?

my last day in vegas was spent largely at the luxor. easily the most bling casino, i'm kind of inclined to think i'd want to stay there if i ever go to vegas again. none of the gift shops sell idols of seth though, which is a dissapointment. mostly what i did at vegas is ride on simulators- one was even themed after reboot, that cgi show that i'm really fond of. getting to & from the luxor, i browsed through lots of other casinos, like the excalibur & mandaly bay. no luck at the tables.

after that there was a meet-up at new york, new york, which is a new york city themed casino. whatever- it wasn't a travesty & it wasn't very well done. basically blah. we ate there & met up with more people & played penny slots (note: slot machines are a total fucking waste of money. they are like an arcade that blows) & then took off for the venitian. we weren't at the venitian long before my mother had me take her home in a taxi so she could start barfing. while she was sick, i went down through the aladdin & ate a burger by myself. everyone thought i was there to watch detroit versus the lakers.
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i had a pretty disappointing homecoming. i'm not complaining, i just figure that since it happened, i should record it, in the intrest of honesty. & while i'm drinking. nothing desperate or rattling, just a little bit of hollowness in the echo when they played the trumpets. its like they tore the second scroll but no one much cared. like all the silence in the wake of smarty's loss, only with the tripple crown on his head.

the souveigner i brought jenny from lost vegas was from the pearl factory. its a can, pretty much the size of a can of tuna fish, with plastic sides. inside there is an oyster, with a pearl guarenteed to be inside. you get to cut it open yourself & polish it up. but she wasn't in the mood to open it when i gave it to her. subsequently, i've felt better about this, as she acted in an anticipatory way like she wants to savor it. other than that, i'm just bothered that she's sleepy, & not intrested in sex, but will wake up to watch paris hilton & method man.
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i use the smoke & mirrors for my satanic rituals, said archie.

in the afternoon, morimer sat watching the sun scintillate on the smog, drinking absinthe & dreaming of the feel of brains on his hands. daphne would come in & give him iced tea, & christina would try to jar him out of his reverie, but mortimer was unshakeable. he was seeing, seeing with eyes that knew too much. he knew that he was to love daphne, eventually, inevitably. he knew that he & archie were to meet in battle, & that he would slay archie, stabbing him in the chest. he knew also that archie would be remembered as a hero & that he would be reviled & the name mortimer would become a curse.

mortimer knew he would be seduced by woland into antimony, & he knew that his blade would do many wrongs. he also knew that mem, the fallen & broken, would one day claim him as his best beloved pupil. mortimer knew this, but he waited for the sunset, until it was gone at last in the blink of an eye. in the fading twilight, mortimer soaked in the knowledge that he alone among men knew the failings of gods & angels.
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