June 15th, 2004

modern nazgul

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not too long now before i do that trains, planes, & automobiles thing. whizing away from glamourous lost vegas like a galaxy spit out from the big bang, heading on a return vector to the big apple like v'jer hungry for reunion with its creator. & oh i am hungry to confrot my maker, to bring to him all i've learned. to cast his throne down from the hill. to tell him a story about a boy who fell from glory, & how he was a wicked son. this is my fucking holiday, yeah yeah yeah! but it always turns out this way, anyhow.

went to two casinos last night. the palms, which has a super-par mexican restraunt whose food was too spicy for the others & whose chips & salsa i filled up on early. the palms is filled with many "hoochies," tiny girls with short skirts & big girls with clothing emphisizing their tits. john, john, & janet all came out ahead at the blackjack table- i didn't play, as i was (as i told the dealer) a big shy on the green. who the fuck am i, dean martin?

at the venitian (minus john), i finally lost the rest of my money, playing roulette. sadly not the kind with spinning chambers, but i got killed anyhow. the venitian was the prettiest of the casinos so far, easily. at the table was "implants," the woman with the distracting tits, & "gilf," the grey haired lady who was actually hot. i mean, she was unseasonably grey, but still- old enough to be all grey, & still totally working her black magic. to be fair to implants, she was pretty enough, but her bridge & tunnelish boy-toy is what made me think those knockers were plastic.

we ate at some restraunt & i was real tired. then we walked home.
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