June 11th, 2004

modern nazgul

bugs: the menace from space

spent the evening peeling strips of skin off my girl & holding her down despite her protests. yessir, this here jack the ripper experiment is going off without a hitch. at shakespeare & co. christopher looked at me with a blank expression when i joked about throwing a whore's intestines over her left shoulder. it reminds me that i hang out with all breeds of predator. we're silky smooth & every last one of us is looking for that perfect catalyst to send us into a nihilistic tail spin. bleak? it ain't so awful on team mordicai, but team planet earth is pretty banal & hollow. i mean, this world is so barren. uncompromising war against heaven is only reasonable. with blade & spear & lock, stock & barrel.
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Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): good good. I'm finishing up here in Columbus with the AI gig. Moving to DC or joining the military. Decision to come shortly.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): good time to join up. you'll have real people to shoot.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): or design computers to kill
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): yeah none of those boring simulations.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): "hey predator spyplane....get all skynet on iraqi tail!"
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): hold on, somebody sent me a link to a video...
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): similar to this topic...
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): mind you, I'd just be computers and research, but this video indicates what you're talking about: http://sf.indymedia.org/uploads/ac130_gunshipmed.wmv
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): so yeah either way I'll be in a cubicle helping the forces of freedom. it's just plain clothes versus uniform, I suppose.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): i will load it when possible- my connection is slow (i use neighborhood wireless)
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):(2:31:18 AM): ah gotcha. I'd recommend downloading it and playing it locally. It takes a couple of minutes until the ordinance.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): well, & freedom versus power. but really, doesn't power entail freedom as a side benefit? i mean, proportionately. unless you are a robot. super strong robot, you have no freedom, hahah!
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): it's basically a remote controlled surveillance plane which they click on the screen of its display and a missle goes to that point on the screen.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): i figured it was something like that
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): is it the predator hellfire missile strike from afganistan?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):it is footage from afghanistan yeah.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): then i have indeed seen it. i started being like "no matter how many matrix movies, how many terminator movies, people still make smart computers & give them guns. america fucking rules. long live the machine."
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): well that's hopefully something I'll be able to stop from a DC position.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/techwed_darpa_040225.html
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): why would you want to stop it....oh thats right. you arn't a cyborg yet.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): haha. well remember that episode of star trek where the two planets fight through a computer simulation and the people go to the disintegration tubes and kirk is all like, war is supposed to terrifying and personal?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):and breaks their computer.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): you & your treize raynada gundam wing, you. don't think i've forgotten leebrick cartoon hour.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):haha, true. I'm just hoping to be at the table when they're like, 'so should we go forward with this armed unmanned land vehicle program for peacekeeping'.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):Well Mr. Sobieski we will take your objections into consideration and we appreciate the work you've done for us, but this letter from a Mr. Burke is quite inspiring that this is the right direction.
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): i hope to be at the table when they say "so, mutual assured anihilation. thats a good idea, right?" so i can say "make sure you aim some missles at the moon. you can't be too fucking sure. i heard there was ice there. the chinks may have a secret base or something. better make that place radioactive, too."
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): "dear congressional caucus: MORE FIGHTING ROBOTS. you should probably give them immunity to all human weapons, too. xoxo, unit zero M. James Burke, WMD"
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):so then all futurists are voting for George-moonbase-mission-to-mars-Bush, no?
m caeli (2:27:17 AM): sadly, the george bush MARS!! FUCKING RED PLANET BITCHES! platform is awful enticing. i'll probably vote for some retarded third party, & gleefully throw my vote away. is there a non-rascist fascist party yet?
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM):I'm not sure they got the correct number of signatures on their petitions this time around.
Adam 2002x (2:26:57 AM): I think the whitehouse has only funded the new space initiative enough for a website at this point.
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closeup samurai

these wings of mine oscillate in time to the drone of a haunted cemetary.

signifigant portions of last night, my mind both asleep enough & awake enough to feign honesty, was swarmed over with what howard phillip lovecraft would have called "night gaunts." a whole host, black across the golden fields & crimson skies, descending locust-like upon little old scarecrow me. it isn't so hard to scare me. leave me alone with myself long enough & i'll do all the work for you. these woad spirals painted on my skull by a life lived without purpose makes my brain into a lacquered & painted coffin & little more. when the spaceships of another world come to this world, & thugee cultists begin to shoot flaming arrows across the sea, bolts that defy gravity & rise into the heavens to become stars? then at last will my hour have come. but until then i'll be wracked with this malady, every so often.

the other day at work i was reminded of alan's quote "very few people know how to behave in a massacre." except, i amended it to exclude the commie ruskies, saying "except russians. russians know how to behave in a massacre. in fact, i'm not sure they know how to behave outside of one." so of course, this russian immigrant girl shopping there was like "russians only know how to behave in what?" & gave me the evil hate eye. which left me to kind of bashfully shrug & be like "uh, in a massacre. its a stalinist joke." haha. it sounds like a cop-out, but it was true! we think stalin is hella funny round these parts, little lady.
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