June 10th, 2004

goblin sneak

dracula's scissors.

so i'm headed to lost vegas on saturday. thanks to the benjamin franklin (tm) invention of time travel, i'll be leaving jfk airport at noon & arriving at las airport at 2:15. somehow this is a five hour (5:00) flight! thanks science miracles for making me travel through time. but no thanks american west airlines for not serving a meal!

i guess the only thing i know i'll be doing is going to cirque de soliel on sunday. i told reigh about it, hoping she could use her green-bug superpowers to show up. it would be awful swell to see her, gee golly. thing is, i surely do like reigh, & if she became a traditional member of the mordicai + xx genetic relations vacation, i'd be better off for it. plus, think of all the fun gutters we could fall into, drunk & suicidal (respectively!)

also, i will probably see quark's bar & i will definately try to get as many free glasses of cheap champagne as possible, while pretending to, i dunno, double down or roll a hard eight. i also have considered bringing dnd books & trying to intrest someone in pc on pc gambling. right, people will be on anything, right?

(really? vegas equals whores. mordicai is to whores as jack the ripper is to whores.)
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war: the sport of kings.

less than a heart & more like a fist of steel. clench & never fucking unclench. tommorow will be the last day of the world, thats what i tell myself every night. the whole shape of the silhoutte cast by my heart is a beautiful & deadly thing. possessed with the poise of a spider, the hatred of the pard, the maw of the leviathan. this shadowpuppet heart of mine, the perfect penumbra to fall upon the sun, this well-made terror to blot out all light. come clamber into the subway tunnels of me.
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    cmk- do not use DEMI on end bosses.