June 1st, 2004

blur shotgun

everybody chill the FUCK out, or m-zilla will destroy japan.

alright, lets set everything in place just so.

jenny went to disneyworld today. she's on a cruise with her mother for the next week, & i (oh so predictably) miss her terribly. while her mother was at our apartment, i chose to stay in the bedroom & sleep. avoidant behavior? don't mind if i do. jenny took the computer with her on the ship, since it has wireless, so i'm left severed from the internet, mostly. i've got to scavange at universities & friend's apartments.

last night gerd & christopher came over. we talked about being gay, & about being black, & we didn't wreck anything at all. i was careful! i'm so responsible. then christopher & i watched the last episode of twin peaks. i'm uh, a wrecker! i just wanted to wet his whistle, & i fucking drowned it, instead. then this morning i watched cq & took 1003 naps. now i'm hanging out in flatbush on one of my old campuses, revising my hothouse contribution. i wish my finals hadn't happened with such force, because i'd like to have had more time for it, but its nice. its nice that pictures of satirical & her daughters remind me of nazis. its real nice. speaking of miss alaina, i called her on the telephone today!
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