May 25th, 2004


livin' la vida jasmati.

so i was poised on the brink of zombie versus board of education. i've decided to go with zombie, with the all nighter all dayer, if only because i'm hungry & don't really know what to do with myself. once the whole world falls asleep then me & my paper can be alone together at last. like pa & old yeller behind the shed- except, didn't old yeller get killed in front of everybody? leastaways he did in my head. i've got all my notecards done, & i've even drawn up a rough outline for my paper. its like i'm a real student, huh? i'm just getting ready to put a bulllet into this thing. i know too much about pastoral erosion at fjord headwaters. just too fucking much. like, did you know that when supplemented by seals & caribou, the western settlement in greenland could sustain aproximately a 20% loss to their substinance economy? the "little ice age" gave them a 60% loss, as well as a 10% loss of total overall grazing area. those poor dumb vikings should have listened to the eskimos when they had the chance!
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hungry? pretty fucking hungry. like james bond has been locked in a dumb waiter & left there. i'm trying to munch on some sun dried tomatoes & finding the experiance sincerely disapointing, over-all. not "cutting the mustard." what i'd really like is something to quick! stick in my gut! like macaroni & cheese, soup, rice, whatever. basically, gruel. is gruel okay to want? i used to make great gruel out of either a) a can of soup & noodles, etc or b) instant mashed potatoes, canned poultry (chicken or turkey, preferably the latter) & canned corn.

so i finished my paper & handed it in yesterday. when i say "my paper" i mean "my last paper ever unless this whole school thing fucks me over really hard or i go to graduate school." i know i've been saying stuff like "it'd even be fine if i handed it in late, he wouldn't care" or whatever? but it is un-nerving to have it actually be true. i went to hand it in & he wasn't even in the state. i had to give it to a friendly grad student to leave on his desk. but now its done & over. i can take a break from that stress- & by friday japanese will be decided, one way or another.

after i handed in my paper, i went to hang out with dave "broken hearted" the illscientist. we fucked around his place for a while being jackasses, & then went to go see the locust. see, ill is still on good terms with his ex, despite that shit having gone down like, 2 days ago. she works at the knitting factory, dig, so we got in ON THE LIST. i'm who they mean when they say +1. so anyhow, i moshed a whole lot! mosh pit mechanics are such that they don't suck like they used to at all. i'm kinda enthused about that; i mean, its like, you can dance like a lanky motherfucker all you want, & then somebody will shove you. i'm hip to that! as to the actual band, i would probably never listen to the locust? but just because they are so much a live band. i would definately go see another one of their performances.
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