May 24th, 2004

goblin sneak

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deadline for the paper has been moved up by two days. sure i smile but its more a grimace. no big deal- i'll be done with my basic research by the time jenny gets home. once again i'm struck by the repetitive nature of undergraduate academics. i'm quoting & paraphrasing what other people have said? thats supposed to get me high up in bloom's taxonomy? fuck, man, this is more like bloom's taxodermy, me stitching everything together, dr. mordicai-enstein. its not like i have a fucking thesis. okay, sure, "how factional interplay in marginal harvest yield areas impacts survival: norse iceland & the skraelings" is a topic, but if you only knew how vauge. or how needlessly specific. its sort of either or. vikings didn't learn ring seal breathing hole harpooning techniques from the eskimos & starved to death because of it. sure, there is some rot about volcanic tephra & high altitude agriculture, but its nothing special.

on the plus side i just made some passable garlic & butter pasta.
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