May 21st, 2004

modern nazgul

mordicai: opposed by natural & moral philosophy since 6,345 BCE.

sitting here working on my osteology final after putting it off till the eleventh hour. not that its really a concern, its more just an investment of time. her final exam is very aimless, even more so than her mid-term. one of those things where you sort of have to shotgun as much information as you can at a rather undefined question & hope you say something that catches her fancy.

If pelvises are present, compare: the male pelvic girdle will have wider ischio-pubic ramus, while the female will have a defined ventral crest, a curved subpubic concavity, & a wide sciatic notch. If skulls are present, compare cranial features- the male skull will have a more defined nuchal crest, mastoid process, supra-orbital ridge/glabella, & mental eminence. The female skull will be more pediomorphic, & the supra-orbital margin will be sharp & curved. If the sacrum is present, take note that female sacrums rarely consist of more than 5 segments, are curved primarily on the lower portion, & have an overall more pronounced sacral curve.
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so, every class on bones eventually involves archaic terminology: in specific, terms like "negroid" & "mongoloid." & its just one of those things, a jargon lag, but i was thinking. instead of being bad science (lower-case bad science, as opposed to Bad Science, which is a mad scientist kind of science), i maybe support them. not the actual words themselves so much as the -oid at the end of them. see, there is kind of a controversy going on in the forensic world. it basically boils down to the fact that while it is impossible to pin-point race, because such a thing does not exsist, if you got a dude's skull you can make a pretty good guess as to whether he's black, asian, white, or a north american aborigine, whatever. i mean, ethnicity is one of the things you are supposed to be able to tell, & you can pretty well, but not PERFECTLY well. & its not a matter of human error or anything- its a matter of human variation. since there are these populations of alelles floating around, there are some guidelines, but those guidelines are taken as standards all to often. your evidence can move past "consistant with" & cross into "indicitive of" (& collect $200), but if you tell it to anyone, they will immediately latch onto it as gospel. anyhow, i guess i just like having -oid there so you know it only means "like this type."
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