May 18th, 2004

goblin sneak

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so i guess once i hand this paper in, i can pause & take a breath. osteology today went fine- basically a final hands on lab session with the skull. i feel i profited from it, at the very least. the final in that class is friday- less of a final & more of the last lab practical, actually. the take-home exam & the lab book review are also on friday. as long as i get the take-home exam done, i should be fine- i've gotten mostly 96% on lab practicals, with a low of 91%, & i got an A on my mid-term. so okay, that takes care of osteology. no problemo, as the mexican said once he had murdered the hell out of his quickdraw opponent. english is a matter of editing, printing & stashing in a mailbox. i know the forces of self-destruction were washing their hands thinking "so much for him," but i'm a fortinbras motherfucker. i come back in the last scene of the last act. i walk in over bodies.

japanese is up next. thats not going to be a good scene. i'm hoping good looks count for something, because i am going to take a m6-you-sunk-my-battleship hit when the final exam rolls on the scene. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for luck- in specific, being lucky enough to score a low-to-mediocre enough grade on the final so that the buffer of attendence & homework points carrys the day. after japanese is my post-proceedural historical ecology class. bad news is, i've had to abandon my thesis, since it doesn't meet the requirements of the final paper. good news is, the final paper isn't due for another week. i'm sweet on that news. i'll probably still end up writing 15 pages on invertebrate zooarcheolgy, anyhow.
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blur shotgun

services rendered.

people who gave me "the eye" today (& i do not mean the evil eye!)
  • chubby girls in push-up bras.
  • fake n' bake girls with tanning google lines.
  • rolly-polly men in funny beards.

  • other facts: in my game world there are 366 days in the vellic year. there are 12 months (as of yet un-named) of 30 days each, 6 seasons (thaw, spring, summer, harvest, fall, winter) consisting of two months each, & 6 intercalandary feast days (yule, passionata, summer solstice, ball of 1000 kings, all saint's day, winter solstice) in each season.

    other facts: my japanese teacher neglected FURTHER important information- in this case, about a semester's worth of homework. i have about 49 drills to do by the 28th. on the plus side, my japanese final is not until the 28th. what the FUCK? i mean, seriously, i TOLD you i was new in your class, your syllabus is vauge as does this shit KEEP HAPPENING? i mean, after the first snafu in which you realized i did not PSIONICALLY FUCKING KNOW TO SIGN UP FOR MID-TERM PARTNER IN THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS let alone that i had to write a sketch with said partner as my mid-term, that these sorts of kinks would be ironed out by now. oops, nopes! she looked through her papers & realized that i hadn't turned one in ever! then she put two & two together & in her ABSOLUTE MERCY decided to extend the homework deadline for me. how about WAIVE IT FUCKING COMPLETELY?
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    m-ouse ears.

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    watch out for the burning sky- the end approaches. & i'm the pinstriped motherfucker (you cannot tell, but yes, this black suit does in fact have black pinstripes) to revel in it. i'm coming out of the bank guns blazing. i'm immune to all cops, immune to all angels. i'm immune to bullets & blades. i'm one up (at least) on rasputin- i'm immune to drowning. if you prick me, i do not bleed. i am above reproach! here me preach my invincibility! its the rantings of a sleepy-head! look at those split bottom exclamation points, slit & ass-hole!

    heavens i've grossed myself out.
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