May 1st, 2004

cigarette burns

milk & honey.

look upon me & tremble, oh you gates of pearl. i've been all ultraviolet & shit these past few days- a great horde of locusts has descended upon my life. locusts in the form of ranai, her friend pj (who drew a banging charachiture of me) & mark (home from iraq). here is a dramatis personae for the past few days: danielle, pj, mark, myself, jenny, peter, david, whitney, christopher starprince, the illscientist, andrew, carla, molly. how is that for a full plate, hum? tonight's festivities get simon & littlewashu in on the action. who knows what trauma will be brewing? i'm ready for another tko in the 10th round.
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    crown me king- the last narwhal