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mordicai caeli

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April 26th, 2004

(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2004|01:00 am]
mordicai caeli
[Current Mood |double standard treasure.]
[Current Music |cmk feat. g. gygax- rolling in natural twenties]

i found a horse shoe by the subway today. now, a horse shoe might seem like a strange thing to find in new york city, it might sound contrived & might resemble a metaphor, but i mean it like it sounds. i was in windsor terrace, by the traffic circle, which is where i briefly lived & where i now game. near there is a horse stable, which services prospect park- it was doubtless one of these horse's shoes which i found. or a pegasus. it could be either one.

ed throught it was gross that i was touching it. ew, its all dirty, i'm now festering with disease, etc. well nuts to him. scott thought it was an intresting discovery, thought that having a lucky horse shoe was a good idea. props to him. gerd was pretty disintrested, but nonplussed. of course he's going to wash his hands. & of course i did. gerd is an odd duck- i've sort of been wondering if he's about the man-love; today i found out he is in fact. its not so much that he come out of the closet or anything. just that we were talking about his date, & all the pronouns are hims.

game was intresting & fun. we've been wandering around The Pit, right? trying to rescue the aasimar/tiefling's twin sister-lover who's carrying the messiah/antichrist. she's been taken to malicehome, layer 112, the abyssal home of lord malice, god of all liches. our route started in plaugemort, the outlands town nearest the abyss, went to layer 1 which is the gate realm to the abyss, then traveled to level 14, the realm of the beholder diety the great mother, then finally got to 113, domain of the demon prince orcus, also known to our party as "porky." we try to avoid saying the names of major powers, especially on their home turf. thus, the lady of pain is "jane," veena tamaria is "vt," & so on. we've been exploring a fortress in 113, looking for a portal to 112, & having all kinds of trouble. "trouble." like as in, a cr 17 banshee killed two party members within 1 round of combat. anyhow, to make a long story short, it turns out my vehmently anti-diety tiefling psion has a divine rank of 0. swell. god takes a big drink in the river styx & dooms his subsequent avatar's reincarnation. or something like that. i'm locked out of sigil, the only place worth visiting, & am now at all kinds of crossroads. fucking swell. like i said, it was fun. oh, & now that we are at layer 112? its filled with an anti-psionic field.
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2004|02:53 am]
mordicai caeli
looking over today in the livejournal, & i see its been a day of false starts. jenny & me all tied up in yesterdays, scribble acting like he was capable of being a friend, etc. looking at the history of the day you'd think that amnesty was practically dripping from the walls. & yet i'm totally opposed to amnesty. if i'm still suffering...

what the fuck am i talking about? i feel like a tron overlord. who am i opressing?
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