April 22nd, 2004

cigarette burns

the gills on the lady of the lake.

i don't know what to tell you. lately these days have been strung together like buddhist prayer beads. oh forget the cares of the world. oh what the hell, lets ascribe buddhist virtues to the sword, oh uncaring sword, oh samurai virtues. sleep has been waves on sand- there are patterns, but only the smooth curves of violin shorlines. i'm sure i dream, rough organic things, matrices enameled around motes of nightmare. so i guess i've sort of been duck & covering beneath my school desk. please do not be alarmed & head for your nearest fall out shelter.
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    crown me king feat. jack kirby- unique powers
goblin sneak

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the blue porcelin espresso cup that i'm drinking liquor out of sticks to my finger as i set it down, spilling out a little halo onto our ikea endtable. i suppose liquer might be a better descriptor for the stuff i'm drinking little by little- becherovka. healing waters from carlsbad mixed with secret herbs & spices (though not in a kentucky fried chicken way. in a classy, secret european brewery sort of way). of course, the stuff is from the czech republic. you might have heard of the joint? right next door to the former home of insane dictator ceausescu? the country my girlfriend went to to cheat on me?

but i bought this stuff, & brought it home. so does that mean that little by little the czech republic will be forgiven for its sins against me? well, no. but those sins might be forgotten, might be placed in context. i mean, if you gave me a couple of megatons of fissiable material & asked me to point to a thumb tack in a map, it would be awful high on the list, but it might not be number one. it might sink as low as four, which isn't even a bronze medal winner! fourth place only wins awards in the special olympics.
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