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mordicai caeli

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April 21st, 2004

blouse. [Apr. 21st, 2004|11:20 am]
mordicai caeli
[Current Mood |becherovka.]
[Current Music |crown me king feat. blonde redhead- "deadhead"]

the hot sauce that i'm putting on this taco i've made as my breakfast goes by the moinker "arizona gunslinger." purchased obviously because my little lady is from arizona, & i like gunplay. i've got a million of these semiotic kernals wandering about- i'm the only one who gets them most of the time (though jenny is getting damn good at it. she saw the hot sauce & said "nice."). arizona gunslinger. nice.

hell & all its demons rode with me yesterday. i brought brimstone & darkness to hunter college in my guise as The Faded, homeless knight errant & urban predator. me in all my now grey cast-offs & sandles. the plan of action was to meet up with the aformentioned girl at a cafe & listen to a man sing sad songs about love. after cancellation, though, jenny decided to stay home & i went to greenpoint to meet with simon "white slavery" ravenface.

i don't know if i've taken the l train into brooklyn before. usually i shy away from that section of town, due to my ingrown hatred of trendy-town, but i found simon's neighborhood to be pretty charming. we met at a place called "the read," which is a cafe that has books for sale & a secret garden in the back for smoking. i was ants in the pants mordicai (tm) though, so i made simon take me back to his apartment- which is where i concocted the new plan. the new plan was to, instead of going to restraunts & bars, buy food & liquor & bring it back to his apartment (where we would play heroclix). after we were suitably drunk, we were supposed to go to karaoke, i guess.

heroclixking (i intended to play the joker) was snuffed before it could become anything by the appearance of the lovely & talented tara "oxycotin" [THIS HAS BEEN CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET UNDER PROVIDENCE OF THE OFFICE OF VICAR GENERAL 04/22/04 CE]. tara looks like she could be cortney's sister- or maybe its just the haircut. whenever i think about cortney its with her shaved head. anyhow, instead of going out, we decided to banter a whole lot. then they grilled me about post-human fascism & the hive-mind.

i had the worst time coming home on the trains.
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