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mordicai: crown me king! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mordicai caeli

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April 15th, 2004

(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2004|10:08 am]
mordicai caeli
[Current Mood |& now you're even older.]
[Current Music |tmbg feat cmk & tony millionaire- uncle gabby (gabriel dub)]

if there is no such thing as the irish rainforest, then i challange you to explain where whiskey comes from. i double dog dare you. after watching some television with my lady friend & eating some indian shmorgasborg that she put together, i went to go meet david at the pouge mahoon bar on the cornor. harry boland's thats its name, & don't you forget it. david's a dear, he buys me like three rounds, & some girl at the bar screams at me that i must be jewish, so she buys me a shot, too. i'm not feeling smashed but by "round" i mean a newcastle & a glass of whiskey, so i'm a little more comfortable in my skin than most times. i've got the decent beginings of a buzz on when i turn twenty-five at midnight. david keeps saying "you are a charming motherfucker." i explain to him the meaning of "shoe-string budget." a friend of his (whom he met thusly: he kept buying drinks from her, & then asked her if she was going to start buying him rounds since he kept tipping her so well. or something like that; the story is distorted by muddled storytelling & having my bar ears on) is at the table with us eventually, & she keeps being heartbroken david has a girlfriend. by the time we leave i have to keep checking to make sure david "pleasently nabakovian" bossman can make it back to king's plaza.

so today is my birthday. twenty-five is maybe the year i'm going to find out if i'm any good at being a writer. you heard it hear first you sorry bastards. extra extra, read all about it. local internet weirdo decides to pollute world with strings of bad similes. i'm cooking up things, though. but first, starting with today. i've got to go to work, & while i'm there, finish (i.e. start) my osteology mid-term. in other turning-twenty-five news, i've decided to admit that i don't hate the french. i mean, the gauls were cool. & the goths, whichever variety came out of france. then jumping ahead a little, the french aristocracy was awesome. the french revolution was even better. out of those ashes rose napolean? see what i mean? france is actually pretty cool.
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2004|05:50 pm]
mordicai caeli
[Current Mood |think about it.]
[Current Music |fuck the fourth wall!]

tonight i will be going to the botanica, a bar in manhattan. its on east houston (like, 47), between mott & mulberry, round about lafayette way (so if you wanted to show up it'd be best to get off at broadway-lafayette on the f or bleeker on the 6). or where-ever else is near by. its dark windows lit up with a neon sign that says "bar." i guess it is where the knitting factory used to be? i didn't know that until this moment. my cell phone effing died or else i'd be making with the phone calls. so while you can't call me, you can surprise me- i like surprises. come buy me drinks. i'll get there around nine (9:00) & stay until its time to leave.
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