April 10th, 2004


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so, things.

1) i hate fucking sourkraut & jenny ate a BOWL OF IT.

2) stephen trask is kind of totally awesome. please send cds.

3) we bought beer!

4) there is no cow level

5) why did the bourne identity stop playing?

6) hello, neo. welcome to...the gap.

7) guns n' ammo.

8) papa was a rodeo.

9) i have long known the origin of love. i can chart the origin of love over the Y shaped autopsy scar of my body. you tell me love & i can tell you absence. did jenny win her place in the miskatonic lottery by screwing me over by abandoning me? am i so desperately broken that only someone who cut me quick can win me? these questions entertain me over the long nights. its the same as asking- will these stitches disolve? do you think i'll be left with a scar?

10) my face is unscarred but i do have TITANIUM FOR A FUCKING SKULL!

11) captain america lives in red hook. welcome, cap. nothing personal.

12) everything that keeps 'em together is falling apart.

13) this is the burke number. i disavow it. i mean, without malice. its just not me.

14) remember orie's nathaniel & how he teamed up with me as af- purah.

15) the torch i bear is scorching me; buffy's laughing i've no doubt. i hope she fries, i'm free if that bitch dies- i better help her our.

16) thanks polly jean harvey. i can't fucking tell if you are telling the truth or what? but not many people can tell whether or not i tell the truth. are you entiled to lying, as an artist? i can't understand art. is art just another word for "people trying to say something?" it is, right? as i understand it. is that all there is to the circus? because i mean, i've lied an awful lot in my life. so am i now an artist?
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so i guess its down to me & nick tesla doin' science, now that the judges have ruled rasputin out on account of him not being much of a scientist.

i'm feeling a little bit...unhinged, these past couple of hours. i mean, hell, the drinking sure widened the crack, but lets be honest. i've been cracked since impact. its not a bad sort of unhinging. its not like the school janitor taking all the stall doors out. it more like a locket, carried through both world wars, is finally giving up its secrets to a twelve year old girlCollapse ) its like peeling up the linoleum from the floor & finding hand-etched porcelin tiles or somethingCollapse ).

so all these buzzards are wheeling overhead. waiting for me to trip up.

let me tell you a story about a boy named sean astin (no relation). in 1984 he tripped up, & the buzzards tore him apart, descending like hooded angels to rip into his flesh with their beaks. now, i'm not talking about metaphorical buzzards. these vultures are 100% literal, though probably something like 75% supernatural. think of them as a kind of malevolent poltergeist. they are mostly unseen & mostly annoying, but when push comes to shove? well, they can rip the knives out of the kitchen drawer & throw them right at you. sure, knives are no big deal if you are bruce lee or bruce banner or some other nigh invincible bruce, but you arn't, are you? you're just little old sean astin.
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m-ouse ears.

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the other day i met the mirror-mirror me. & i was asking him about the world he lived in- a communist paradise in expansion, encorporating the fallen capitalist states of russia & china. he is some kind of hero there; he walks around all day thinking about how he loves everybody. he says they already have a base on the moon!
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okay, so rza, gza, & bill murray walk into a bar...

"let me stick my tongue in your ear! i'll try to be sexy about it. oh my god, i can't believe anyone dates me. i'm such a fuck up. hahaha. ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA!..... hahaha. HA HA HA HA!" - my girlfriend.

so harrison ford, right? he was han solo & indiana jones. how do you pull that gig? whats funny to me is that i was talking to mirrormirror mordicai about star wars, & in his universe christopher walken got the role of han solo (harrison ford was still indiana jones, though. an evil, nazi indiana jones). i wonder what that was like- i think i can imagine it, though. saturday night live prepared me for it a little bit.

when i was a freshman in high school, i knew this french exchange student named morgan. this was back when i was all hard core about being asexual, when i was just totally consumed by this broken angel villiany & couldn't be bothered with girls. anyhow, when i met morgan it was in the food court of the mall, with her host sister doree (the girl antonio was dating at the time). when doree told morgan that i didn't like girls, morgan was all asking if i "perfere garcon?" or whatever? but i don't like guys, & i know enough french to parse what she was saying. anyhow, for the rest of morgan's stay here we had all this built up high school chemistry, seething cauldron-like. any reasonable person would have made out with her- plus, she was the french girl who wasn't a virgin. i probably could have lost my virginity to her. mirrormirror mordicai did. its just funny to think about other paths not taken. i'd like to get in touch with morgan, i guess.
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so i wish i had some kind of poetry to tack on to the experiance i just had. that scratching, choking sex. some kind of helicopter & rockstar fucking. like, the chopper is running & the bass is thumping. its the twin peaks of fucking- jenny doesn't want to admit it probably, but there was plenty of bob mixed in with the roller girl- i'm doppleganger coop in the sack. "i bet janet jackson sleeps with women" she says. i don't know about that, but we're both sleeping with lunatics. i'll have the scrapes & bruises in the morning to prove it.
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