April 6th, 2004

cigarette burns

this is the story of how evil won the day.

i come up from nightmares like a drowning angel, gasping & beating my wings.

yesterday after work i ask if david & chris want to come over to my apartment. in a far superior turn of events, we go to david's apartment, drink david's liquor, eat david's food. once again we are feasting like nobles (or well, not "like." i'm the fucking wicked prince assholes!) on game foul & bread pudding. for the first time ever i drink grappa. its like sake, vodka, & turpentine mixed. all in all a bit unimpressive. but what the fuck, i'm having fun. its a fun fucking time. we just talk about psychotic tribes, how the sahara might have swallowed all kinds of protocultures, about dungeons & dragons (dnd). chris & david argue about the greeks, chris & i argue about whether or not the egyptians were black.

other first things i did today were learn how to play cricket (its not so insane) & take the q train (home from king's plaza).

when i get home david text messages me some sort of goodwill message, like he's fucking voyager or something. so i text message him back with some friendly vitrol. his reply? "the funny thing is, i can't remember what i texted you about. there is a whole lot more liquor here that you guys forgot to finish."

for my book of the month, i took jennifer government, largely to acknowledge the fact that i played on the nationstates website a whole lot. i was "the old firm" & i think they kept calling me a benevolent dictatorship, or "big brother fascism." okay by me, except how am i so benevolent! i just know about the paybacks of altruism, a little. anyhow, its been deleted now, which appeals to my sense of scorched earthism.

i'm a huge fan of advertising. i mean, it gets the major networks to me for free, just spit out into the air. & some commercials are a decent bit of artistry- viz. the old mellow yellow gap commercial etc? what i really want is more advertising, & advertising you can select. i figure, each company's ads should be worth points- you'd need progressively more points for progressively bigger rewards. so lets say you choose coca-cola, pepsi, mcdonalds, & microsoft. you get, i dunno, 50 points & that lets you get the basic network channels, 30 minutes on your cell phone, & hbo. or lets say you pick sci-fi movies, wizards of the coast, indie rock bands & antique stores or something. that gets you like, 4 points, but you are getting adds you actually care about- like, you see the new aliens vs. predator trailer, or hear about the new psionics books, or find out about decent bands. you know?
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modern nazgul

the terrible green menace.

the bottle jack-knifed away in the surf, caught by the currents in an ocean the colour of oxidized copper. the cork in the top of its green glass majesty bobbed as it surfaced, & behind the painted on label, inside its emerald fucking splendor, you could see the note. the ocean wasn't crawling with muties & floating diapers back then, you understand- it was awash with life. corals & octopi. things both alien & familiar. sharks. it was a diffrent sort of ocean than what you've got these days.

we were hoping it'd reach some help. hell, we were just boys then, what did we know? we'd just gotten it stuck in our heads that we'd had enough of the Overlords. you won't be remembering the Overlords now, but for fifteen years they were quite the villians. so we'd decided that we'd send out a message in a bottle & hope something came of it. above all we just wanted something to change.

fools? boy were we ever. when Final came, things sure did change.
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