April 1st, 2004

modern nazgul

the withering nautilus, pulling deeper into itself, into smaller & smaller chambers.

so i'm begining to remember what sleepless nights feel like. without those couple dozen drinks each night, you end up with the quagmire of a bed fit only for languishing. i guess all that talk of glass coffins makes sense, terrrifying carnival dwarves clustered outside it pressing their greasy paws against it. when i do slip off the edge of my usual imperfect waking & slide into the ocean of dreams (those huge archetypes leaving churning wakes as they move about inside me) things are just garbled. static on the line, you know what i mean? its like getting 911 calls from indrid cold. things just don't make sense but they sure do linger with an ambiance of eerieness.
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    rasputina- glass coffin (black mass awry dub)

choked to death in an abandoned roller skating rink.

sometimes i feel a little like kruschev. "you think i'm fucking joking? i've got these nukes, see. 50 megatons says i'm not fucking joking." i guess its april fools day, & i guess i'm an april fool? well bring it on; i'll stroll right on towards the fucking cliff. thats not a dog barking at my feet its a warg, etc. in fifteen (15) days i'll be twenty-five (25) years old. all i want for my birthday are weapons. please purchase weapons. if everybody wants to chip in to just get me one gun or something, i'm okay with that.

you know the way paint peels off of carousel horses? i'll tell you a secret. it doesn't always reveal hollow plastic shells. boy, it could be all kinds of things. there are all sorts of places where the world gets thin. scuba tank down to the bottom of a pier & you'll see what i mean- those things go on & on, bridges from here to forever. all of my monstrous angels are just a hairs-breadth away from the world. my so-called empire of "bits of broken bone & brain." trephenate your fucking head & you will find me guilty of the truth.
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    crown me king feat frank black- cactus dress for a cow girl