March 31st, 2004

goblin sneak

i sure was a bitch yesterady.

today's sesame street episode was brought to you by the letters a, t, c, g, & the number three cubed. by ichor & winged things that soar between planets with wizards perched upon their backs. it is dedicated to the hidden king (may his reign be punctuated by violence & terminated soon). the foo dog barkly would like to thank the li-lung for supressing the truth of jfk's assassination. the trash can monster oscar would like to thank murphey's law & stinging fire ants.

my girl is great for understanding. she says "you love me the most" & her feelings arn't hurt when i caveat it with "well, other than heaven & triumvirates."
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    guided by voices- a salty salute

mewling chasm.

fierce & sharp, that jagged thought of past & home. & man, that shit sticks with you. i've got pockets filled with scribbled-on scrap paper. most of it lately talks about sthenno & euryale. they are all kinds of comfort, those two. miss me like they miss their sister, thats all i ask. & if you get the chance, i'd drop them a line relating to the titanomachia. learn a lesson from the death of chronus, girls- old gods can die. i'd insist they must die. slay the hydra, sow its teeth into the ground & raise armies. & then raze armies. hear that clarion call to war, ladies.
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    crown me king feat. postal service- a drink in this place.