March 27th, 2004

goblin sneak

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lets take a break from the jealousy; lets go build a cavern on an ice floe & live like the pleistocene never ended. we'll have a pet sabertooth tiger called tabby & that will be that. i mean; what if this were mirror-mirror? what would the m with a goatee do? i guess i'll have to grow one & find out. but we're agreed on a little less jealousy. what if those ruby red slippers were on my feet? see, but that is part of the catch- they arn't. telly savalas don't you go asking any rhetorical questions. you can say the word all you want (in otherwords, occasionally, at the end of letters) but i know abandonment when i see it. when i feel it like a blackguard's lance. it isn't like we didn't both take it for granted. thats the way things go between us in the latter days, isn't it? a whole lot of empty space punctuated with the occasional staircase. i take it these days with surprisingly less ill will, with two asprin & a glass of whiskey. this medicine like i'm a young man who spends all his days at the vfw. i hope you're doing okay.

so who is going to be my vietnamese villiage today? i've got a belly full of fire for you.
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    crown me king- the origin of hate