March 26th, 2004

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last night was the last night of homo sapien dominance on this planet. i hope everybody human got a few drinks in, at least. the hybrid population (the aptly named project nephilim) has now officially gained enough numbers to the point where they & their super-crusher genes will outbreed & outlive all the peoples of this world. can't say i'm sorry. in celebration, antonio & jenny & i went to that bar on avenue b (ave. b) & fifth street (5th st.) again to meet up with peter & victoria. olivia also showed up- before victoria in fact. ah, the charms of underage girls are never to be estimated. victoria's brother also showed up- he seemed to know what the fuck was up. i support that kid. & i guess adrian showed up, but only as we were on our way out; we had a curfew, on account of our recent conversion to uh...branch davidians. thats the ticket.

& golly, i feel a wreck this morning. i mean, mostly tired or whatever, but i just feel like giving up. maybe its just a response to a sequence of late nights, far from home. its that i'm feeling defeated. i want to just throw in the towel on japanese. i gave it the old college try, pun sadly & desperately intended. early mornings where i'm recovering from buckets of beer don't combine well with my tendencies to blow off school. man, i want to blow it off so hard. i must be the big bad wolf. i'll huff, & i'll puff, & i'll blow your house down. oh but see there is the fact that the nautilus survived extinction, while the amonite did not. its strange what i take comfort in. if i was a lard-ass welfare mother i might take my comfort in chubby hubby ice cream or whatever, but as it stands, i mostly think about extinction level events & murder on a personal scale.
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m-ouse ears.

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i took my first poop at school today! i was lucky; i found a remote tree & a bush with soft, ample leaves. then i threw my poop right at my classmate! my teacher was so impressed, she gave me a bannana! then i learned more sign language. when class is done, i'm going to go home to the man in the yellow hat & he's going to put my bannana peel on the fridge! i go to monkey school!
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jesus saves, m kills.

i wonder what it is that compells us to take pictures of ourselves trying to jump to our deaths in niagra falls. i keep saying us but i don't know what us i'm talking about. i wasn't there, but heavens knows how many pictures there are somewhere of me in that familiar pose, leg thown over the fence, body poised on the verge of a leap. that smile on my face. have people time out of mind done this? before there were fences, did north american aborigines mime throwing themselves in? why is the television show wonderfalls not adressing this issue? would a robot be compelled in this same way if it could think? does bjork know something i don't know? its become a habit she says. the hobgoblin of consistancy. i like goblins, thus i must like throwing myself off cliffs.

i speak of malice & death. hear me.
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scholastic update.

effing dammit. so, osteology everything is hunky-fucking-dory. i got my recent lab practical back & i'd gotten an a on it. things are coming along nicely with the carpal bones, too- it helps me to think of trapezius as greater multiangular & trapezoid as lesser multiangular. trapezoid just sounds smaller. i got my mid-term today; its a take home that i have all of spring break to do. okay, check.

japanese is a little less fucking stable. i mean, i plow through it somehow. i got two a's & one b on my most recent homework asignment. somehow. so that is something to tuck in my cap. but the big trouble (tm) now is the midterm. which somehow was today. oh, don't get me wrong, thats insane, but wait for the punchline. its the performance of a dialouge that you've written yourself. see, everyone else knew about it; they've had this professor since begining japanese one. they've been paired up since the first moment they walked into the classroom. i uh, found out about it today. which is the first day of presenting. oh lovely is the day.

so i've been ham-handedly partnered up with lester. lester (&, now, i'm making some assumptions & guesses here, but not many) is the sort of guy who wears suits (true) to class & tries to get his classmates in on his pyramid schemes (partially true- maybe his bussiness ventures are 100% above board? yeah...) & writes things in the margins of his notes like "when life gets tough, get tougher & so on. he also asks these really weird questions in class. like, maybe he's good at japanese, maybe he's awful at japanese, & maybe he's just stalling for time in class? eh, i don't know. i guess i'm kind of good at the stuff i need to do to do this? but i'm not ecstatic by any means.

post-proceedural historical ecology is charming is always.
i need to write an english proposal for my final paper soon.
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m-ouse ears.

the red tides spells out your doom if you know how to read it.

i want to whip a rattlesnake at your face from ten feet (10') away. just chuck that slithering thing at your unprotected head. i want you to see the venom spray like the pacific breaking on a cliff wall. to see you become a crater the way a crater becomes you (by which i mean, yucatan you, you fuck). don't you ever think i'll let it slide. i'll pretend i'm letting it slide but maybe one day i won't. just think about that. if i ever get the chance i'm taking it. i'll ring around you, rosie. i'll theatre del'arte you back into the stone age. i'm the octopus mother & you are in my egg-laden cavern. i will rend you into pieces.
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