March 19th, 2004

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i dreamt of the shepard's crook replacing the pitchfork. foul, foul things.

my opinion about racism is that most so-called sophisticated discussion on the topic of race is actually a cipher for discussions about class. i mean, sure there is plenty of lingering actual racism, & yeah, the repercussions of race are still being felt, but i'm talking about more esoteric issues like sat scores & things of that nature. its more about socio-economic background (a term which, ironically, has become a cipher for race itself) than it is about skin colour, but heavens forbid you mention class. if trickle-down economics don't work than the terrorists have already won.

also, i think that if black people are awarded reparations, than white people should sue the descendants of various west african tribes, claiming that they sold us a faulty product. aw, snap.

i don't have osteology today, on account of my professor being in surgical recovery.

but back to the shepard's crook, it was this twine of cold iron, not the gently curved wooden stave of field & stage. something more like a dentists tool carried to the nth degree. my clone self, aged eight (8), discovered it (the thing, that thing like twisted, seething needles of un-forged metal), but no-one besides myself m-prime believed it. but when the abandoned barn turned into a lavishly furnished bedroom overnight, it was a shock to everyone, who stupidly claimed that we had paid to have it made-over as a prank. it was the eight (8) year old who found where it had gone, tearing up the drywall & climbing into the walls between the studs. it ended up shredding him, going inside off him, wearing his skin & subcutaneous fat & replacing all its organs (leaving them in a tidy, bloodless pile)
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within the arc of the sword of damocles (orbital bombardment system)

i lost my virginity on a bathroom floor.

everybody was so busy trying to save jenny from me, everybody was so busy like bees. but i'm not allergic to venom or sting. hell, who knows what i am allergic too. besides dustmites. so the two of us couldn't get a room alone to ourselves, not ever. or well, not a bedroom: there are 22 types of rooms as determined by goblin-science, & where we ended up is one of them, i confess.

& i mean, it wasn't my fault. when you are making out with the hottest girl ever (whom you have a sneaking suspicion you are falling in love with, though that scene won't play out for another two years) & she says "i want you to put it inside me" or whatever poetry it was that came out of her mouth? what are you supposed to say? though i suppose i've said no since. but not to her, not to the girl as solid in my mind as a tombstone. so we went into the bathroom, & into the bathroom we went. we came together & there was no blood.

it was later that we had our second first kiss.

the story is much less mortifying now than it was once upon a time.
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blur shotgun


i just found out about this yesterday, but apparently john fucking constantine is going to be fucking american & living in fucking los angeles in the movie rendition. & played by keanu reeves, but i can reserve judgement on that; i mean, dye his hair blond & who knows? tom cruise played a great lestat. but john fucking constantine is british. it is important, that bit. i mean, john contantine is to london what spiderman is to new york, what batman is to gotham. & john fricking constantine says shit like "lift" & "wc" & above fucking all, john constantine calls people "love." what is the american version going to say? "dude?"

john constantine is one type of hero i can respect. him & batman & captain nemo. they pick a line & defend it. they recognize ambiguity & they live with it, but they say "this far & no farther." maybe john's line is blurry, maybe it ranges from saving the world to getting revenge on the killer of his ex-girlfriend, but there it is. john is what you'd call a bloke who knows what is what. he knows his game & he plays it.

i guess i also respect opponants who see in perfect black & white. oh superman. lex luthor is just a man trying to make his way in the world. a human who can't fly, who isn't invulnerable. but you can't see that; to you he is just another supervillian who needs to be dealt with as mercifully as possible (but not more). you gigantic spit-curled bastard, i'm glad you are too much of an idiot to compromise. but come judgement day i'll still put you down like a rabid dog. its for your own good as much as mine.
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m-ouse ears.

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so, a new plan of mine for world elimination involves the mosquito. the mosquito & type II zombies. type II zombies are those zombies who propagate through biological methods; specifically a virus. my new plot is simple; i will genetically engineer mosquitos who are not killed by this virus, but rather act as a resevoir population & an infection vector all rolled up into one. enjoy your shambling dead, mankind.

there is this spray candy? i have to throw it around the apartment alot. i hate it, & i hate cherry flavoured things. & i hate sugar blobs named "chomper" & "weemy." fuck that. fuck candy that isn't anything more than a splash of flavor you spray into your mouth like binaca. fuck you!
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