March 17th, 2004

cigarette burns

kiss me gorgeous.

so, yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. i didn't even have to use my ak-. i did anyhow, but it was because i wanted to, not because i had to. i admire in all ways rampant, consequenceless violence. i met up first with wetwork, everybody's favorite lesbo. we had some drinks & ended up getting our faces chewed off my a television. man, tv in bars is something fierce.

after that, there was cocktail hour in my post-proceedural archeology class again. some folken (& folka) were talking about archeobotany & archeoarchitecture. which was pretty rad, if occasionally sleep inducing (drinks in dark rooms that are a little bit too warm can do that to a brother). i don't know if anyone else was thinking about it, but i was thinking about the vampire haikus.

i must make a confession. i fucking adore the gillmore girls. they are charmingly chatterlicious! rory with her giant fucking noggin, laurali with her constant eyes at gruff old luke. & all that fucking reparte! i <3 gillmore girls so much i make jenny tape it for me, since i'm rarely home in time to see it. which is what happened last night. then we watched america's next top model, & when shandi acted a damn fool & had fuck-time with the italian gigalo, jenny was like "don't get mad at me!" & i didn't.

after that, we drew a bath. which my lunatic girlfriend decided it would be fun to take while wearing her bathing suit? make no mistake however. it was in fact a sexy bath. bathing suits make for places to put your hands under, which i did, & bodies make for moist places to put your fingers in, which i did. we ended up fucking on our knees in the tub. lines like "don't you dare fucking come yet!" et al. were in attendance. then we soaked in the tub till i turned into the sleepiest m ever. yet that was not the end of the fucking. there was sleepingest m ever, all tied up like a shoelace!
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goblin sneak

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i'm sort of half-tame now. like a wolf whose been housebroken. a pet you still have to keep an eye on lest it eat the baby & take off. i used to resent jenny for this. this lower level of danger in my days. i have since realized that i wouldn't fuck around with this relationship stuff with someone who couldn't hold her own. she's not the boss of me but she sure is good at getting me to do what she wants. oh fucking babylon. i have feet of pig iron, not of clay. come get kicked, shadrack & abendigo. meshack, you can hang. you always were the cool one.

fyi, i am sixty-five million (65,000,000) years old.

i first masturbated when i was fifteen (15). i guess i was a late bloomer or whatever, because i didn't loose my virginity till i was nineteen (19) & then i lost it to the girl i'm living with now. back to flogging the bishop; i guess i just wasn't all that compelled by biology. even when i did start, it was mostly to stall for time; it was easter & i really didn't want to go to church. i never want to go to church.
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fear of dracular.

crown me king's newest album, empire theory, is absolutely sublime. the synthisis of basically every genre available into a lovecraftian amalgam is beyond description. if rock & roll was the cowboy shoot-out at high noon, crown me king is drawn pistols at midnight (with a samurai ijatsu duel speckling, robin's egg blue). empire theory as an album is smooth as aged scotch. the band's maturity is really colouring their work in a supportive way; some of the technical tricks are just stunning. on "absolom, absolom!" the trailing wail (like some fucking ringwraith) just hits me right in the guts; "coquette sphinx" is another track with arid spaces, left like gravitic mines in the kobyashi maru test. just fucking inevitable. what a great, great album.
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