March 15th, 2004

cigarette burns

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there is this sickly sweet reluctance to write anything; this melted wax impulse. because um, arn't i supposed to have something to say? find some kind of voice? i mean, should i just outline the plot? it involves liquor, cards, the cinema, & early morning train rides i can't stay awake for. is that a rough enough sketch, a good enough scaffolding of bones?

janell & lauren & i wrote a book called fears of shakespeare & co. it is a list of 117 fears, complete with illustrations. basically proof that working hard, three reasonably damaged individuals (well, as individual as you can call me, though i count it still abandoned) can perform as well as one retard (viz, michael bernard loggins). i feel staggered.

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i'm worried today is one of those forsaken days where i feel more like little boy m weilding a wooden sword & less like mr. nephilim m with a barber's razor at the throat of buddah, holding everything hostage. i mean, isn't this supposed to be the age of iron, the satya kali? shouldn't shiva nataraja hit the dance floor any song now, hair standing on end, fire clutched in hand?

the end of the world is supposed to be my opening act.
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goblin sneak

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there have been fucking thousands (1000s) of mice frolicing around the bookstore today; i've been trying to stomp on them, with very little luck. i almost got a little baby, but it was hiding behind door number two (#2) & i picked door number three (#3). well, i'll have the last fucking laugh- i'm setting glue traps before i leave.

oh, like, two minutes ago (-0:02), a girl totally hit on me. i didn't notice or anything, but i was subsequently informed by lauren. she says its my hair; that it looks good longer. barbados chris thinks its the shirt. i say its raw fuck-power. we were talking about nick tesla earlier? i'm the sexual tesla. charisma arcing all over the place.
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