February 20th, 2004

cigarette burns

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so at the risk of sounding contaminated by the girlfriend's ways, i'm kind of excited to read my most recent book aquisition. its nicola griffith's book ammonite. i picked it up 'cause of a variety of reasons; i was doing "kills" (which is when i go through & pull old, unsellable books off the shelves, delete them from the computer's inventory, & then send them back to the publisher) & next to one of the kills david (the gm) had written "KEEP ONE COPY!!! DON'T MESS WITH KUNG-FU LESBIANS!!!" so i picked up one of the books by the author. the one with the pretty proto-nautalis marking. its pretty lesbo probably, but not offensively so. anyhow, check out the plot! this colony of people (on a diffrent planet) came down with this plauge a couple of hundred years ago, & all the dudes died. right, sounds a little bit contrived, but its actually probably not! anyhow, listen to the rest: somehow the chicks managed to reproduce (?!) & now, a couple of hundred years later, some heavily vaccined anthropologist/linguist is going to the planet to try to figure out what the fuck is going on.

i've only just cracked it, but the author knows her fucking stuff. she throws in the requisite details & shit. maybe nichola griffith is really famous to everybody but me & i'm all like king breeder for not knowing about her, but i'm thinking this book is going to be good. because it is about an anthropologist who goes to another planet. fucking talk about nice work if you can get it. thats pretty much job number one i think. plus, girl on girl action is virtually assured.
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that shadow squirmed.

today is one of those fine china days. i mean antique & i mean opium den. look closely & you can see the cracks. i mean the shattered jags of lines & the cooked up cocaine. i mean johnny chin, the head of the railroad work gang. i mean mrs. victoria d. walker, widowed. i guess i mean you all fucking take a walk of the plank me fucking hearties. its to old hob with the lot of you & your stinking metaphors.

i did all my japanese homework but missed osteology. what does that make me, responsible or a fuck up? i pick fuck up faking responsible. i'm not a good responder. fuck reaction, fuck second hand. fuck sloppy seconds. hell, i'm a sith lord, my motto is fuck everything. i slung my guns low on my hips & walked to take care of bullshit & the office was closed. i've got an eye on the clock- one of these minutes, i'm gonna march right up to the weird only-accessable-by-service-elevator 14th floor & duel it out with a department secretary. the fuck.
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goblin sneak

if you only knew the power of the dark side.

whats that, alderaan? did i hear you say "death star drive-by?" because thats all i heard a million voices suddenly cry out. maybe there was more, but it turns out you got suddenly silenced. i like the fucking quiet. i'm pretty sure if'n it was me & not vader with his finger on the button i'm pretty sure i'd've blown up coruscant & everyfuckingthing else(don't GIVE me no grand moff shit; not to diss on tarkin but come on. a fool only thinks he's holding vaders leash. like people who think they've got my leash). just cruise around with my planetbuster.
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