February 18th, 2004

closeup samurai

brandishing knives.

so, i am literally too cool for school. my second fucking day of english, & the professor crooks a finger at me after class- "can i talk to you for a minute?" well, the long of the short of it is that she doesn't want me to come to her class anymore- she's worried i'll intimidate the other students, etc, & oh, "what did you say your major is, anthropology? have you considered writing?" so i'll give her a proposal for a research paper & then i'll write a research paper & we'll call it quits. so excuse me if i crow a little, but damn i'm fucking cool. brainiac & kal-el arn't the only motherfuckers be hitting the charts in this metropolis. its a nice, slow fuck you to 8:25 am. you can go get stuffed, morning-people!
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modern nazgul

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so yesterday while i was at school; successfully at school, i might add with the chortle of the damnned- for i figured out one of my class-messes & got a hunter id card with my very own photo on it (i must be famous now!) & went to all my classes & performed almost as though i were a real boy, & i found a place that put falafal into my belly which is like a star-bellied sneech's but without a star buy with all the attendent glory....uh, wait, i'm babbling.

anyhow yesterday jenny did more painting, since it was her day off. she saw our white doors & she wanted to paint them black. also, she's been chipping the paint off of the bathroom door window, but only one side, so now it looks like this door to another dimension. its all black with a green frosty window! its exciting to be allowed to travel to diffrent dimensions. plus, i like black doorways, even though at night you can't tell whether the house has swallowed you up or vomited forth a hallway or if its just the door. actually, thats maybe why i like them so much.
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    plus, i am undead.

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why am i getting emails texted to me by my girlfriend's ex-boyfriend?

this is one of the many enigmas of my life. perhaps he is secretly sending me latitude/longitude so i can find him & put an end to him. not that i really bear him all that much ill will- i mean, only insofar as he is an idol upon which i can hand the wreath of my hate. sure i hate my girlfriend a little bit, but uh, thats healthy, right?

anyhow, its just weird. i'm not really shaken or anything by it but it does bear weird mention. it was all twisted up with bounced livejournal code & things; perhaps a text message sent from my user info got jumbled? who the fuck knows anyhow? besides god, i mean. god knows everything.

so while whatever it is that there is crawled around in my guts (i'm thinking something named gutbuster maybe), i went over to financial aid for yet another round of left-right combo action. i got forms to fill out & i need a copy of my income tax & then we cowboys ride. at least, thats what i think they told me. its fucking bullshit, the whole thing, right? i can't get over it. don't computers fucking exsist? if i'm getting the dough from the same government as before, why is it such a fucking hassle? the many mysteries of my life continue to grow in number.
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