February 13th, 2004

blur shotgun

i want to see you bleed from your head.

so i seethe & think about drinking martinis. these seething little martinis with human embroys instead of olives. over & over, i turn these thoughts of violence. its like spinning the fucking chamber. thanks for holding my agenda up after class you fat fucking bitch; thanks for asking alot of ignorant ass rhetorical questions so you could hopefully come off as smart. i hate you & i hate your smug attempts to assert your knowledge; you are a failure. your hooked nose does not get you goblin points. it only gives me a target for when i throw a brick into your face.

god i'm so fucking frustrated by everything in my day to day exsistance. at this given moment my face might as well be a crease. i'm like this straight razor smile. come right fucking at me.
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goblin sneak

deep & cambrian horrors.

squirming in the deep sinuses of the earth, the BEAST. its legs are un-numberable, for it molts these shivering pedipalps, ever growing, ever encroaching. it lurks there with glistening eyes, numbered by the medjai rakeesh at 586, jet things, lying darkly like slivers of hate. the BEAST is patient, for its epoch is set, inevitable, & the world is a fucking steam train, barreling on fixed tracks into a shadow world, where the BEAST, & others like him, will be gods.
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footnotes, cont'd.

1. fractions will be handled in a method similarly to the horus udjat method. yet another remnent of the viceroy's previous status as heresiarch.
2. finger x 4 = palm, cubit x 4 = span; pace, leauge, etc.
3. the nearest analog to the egyptian ankh is the nike swoosh. the ankh's herioglyphic representation is that of a sandal strap.
4. lost on the mary celeste with all hands.
5. the cities of alade are built on civil engineered "mandalas."
6. the woman in the perfumed bath, the curve of her breast.

1. on a 365 day a year cycle, the calandar realigns every 1,456 year.
2. the chakras of a dharmicly signifigant individual influence similar individuals.
3. calico pecans (the entire lot)
4. the static filling the airwaves is the symbolic representation of an empty earth.
5. the lusts of the hydra: a pantheon of devouring hungers.
6. see borges, don quixote's worms pg 97.

1. heriatic & also demiotic forms.
2. without a doubt the single largest oversight of the nuermberg trials.
3. name omitted without request; like a vanishing act.
4. according moses mamodies.
5. languishing there, fishooked, besieiged by the riddle.
6. or, to tesser: to wit, an impossibility, qed.
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