January 5th, 2004

modern nazgul

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also, fuck that sufi piece of shit for subscribing me to a fuckload of spammers. fuck that worthless fifty-cent word whore. i want to carve his head like a god damn jack o lantern. like, eyes in the back of your head? i can make that work. hand me my fucking knife. knife is the color of everything i see.

my dnd mojo is strong. did you see when i invented gearcunning?
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it feels like someone took a razor & lined all my fingernails with cuts. maybe i have scurvy. its funny how those splinters worm their way in. dig, you james n' the giant peach greens. tunnel away.

i played "on hold" with school for forty (40) minutes outside in the rain.
then a retired guy went to bat with th528e dean for me & i guess now i g0ot my block removed.
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