October 23rd, 2003


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on the subject of politics (i support unilateral war), this is my very dangerous & ill tempered friend, the lemonmerchant. he is at law school & he is deeply deranged. we were in the middle of making the transition from lunatic fringe aquaintinces into full fledged criminal accomplices when we both moved even further away from each other than we lived before. so we never finished the formulae & rituals we got in the mail for sending in 500 necromicon points.
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    do you have any rubber walrus protectors?


all these puppets cobbled together into some facsimile of a tea party. sitting around each other like numbers on a clock or stonehenge around an altar. mannequins with the secret of fire & stone, marrionettes with no guts to cut with my knife. meiosis means sex. the thrum of the rush, the whipporwil howl of genes cutting themselves into lonely halves. mytosis just sounds like death, cobwebs & dust. dna degrading cut by weary xerox by cut again. dropping in value like collectors edition plates with elvis' face shining out of them beatifically.
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    hedwig & the angry inch- "the origin of love"
closeup samurai

stem cell research grants me powers to fight crime.

i picked up the keys to the new apartment from the realtor today & swung by the place. first off, there were two spells on the fire escape, but i fingered the knots apart. then i found a tampon under the radiator. there was also a sprig of some spice or flower in the cabinent next to a bottle of wine vinnegar. also there was effervescing antacids measured in milligrams (mg). the shower doesn't work at all; i took apart the head, & thats not the problem. & what the fuck is the matter with me? i was almost unable to even ask for a job application at barnes & noble when i went there afterwords.

okay, so i have a sweet tooth for bad cartoons dating back to the college salad days. anyhow, i fucking can't stop watching yu-gi-oh! when its on. its like extra strength pokemon or something. they all sound so excited when they shout gibberish about ancient egypt & their duel monsters.
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    crown me king- "escalating nuclear conflicts"