October 15th, 2003

closeup samurai

more dnd musings from skid row.

so i am in-situ on the forensics of two new races. i mentioned the imps before. right now all i have them down for is +2 con -2 str. i think the -2 strength is enough; the scaling of weapons & encumberance to size takes the reduced muscle mass into account in my opinion. though i'm not at all set on the stats; that con modifier is especially fluid; i might throw that +2 somewhere else. they're small, like i said, but i can't decide whether to make that 20' move rate stay or go on account of the hooves. 30' is easier for me as a dm, since they can keep up with everyone, but 20' is nice for flavour. i'll consider it- maybe i can even makee it 25'? or is that just too stupid of me?

some of the racial powers i have chicken scrawled on the notes are: they spot secret doors as an elf. +2 vs. enchantment. the imps are "fey" as their type, but i made note that rather than possessing total immunity to the enchantment school, they only have a +2. the idea being that they are available as player characters because they are the least fey of the fey.

(brief digression: i'm sick of dnd's catagory of "fey." it has no actual parameters. even though it doesn't sound like it, it is a catch all catagory, in large part. in my game, i decided to give the fey a common history that explained why they all have pointed ears too, in one fell swoop. the basic jist is that the fey are labyrinth creatures that followed & harried the elves during the hejira- the exodous from heaven. eventually they got entranced by the elves & the world. since elves where the only humanoids available, they started mimicing them. okay? thats the nutshell version.)

other imp powers include damage reduction 1/cold iron, squirm (the imp can fit through any space 3/4 the size of his head), & academic savant. that last one is basically my tip of the hat to cornelius; it allows an imp to have 2 more ranks then normal in knowledge skills. so thats really it. i will certainly come up with more. maybe i'll rip off the halfling more than the gnome. i'll keep my eyes open.

the witches cupboards are similarly bare. they've got acid blood, okay? they're favored class is domino- a class only available to supernatural creatures (witches, like elves, are magical humanoids) that allows you to eventually take & wear someone's skin. oh how pleasent. they've got tentacles in their hair that gives them a kind of medusa flavor; i'm thinking i might give them some kind of paralytic/hypnotic gaze. i don't know, i'm stirring that pot as well.

the race i started coming up with yesterday are the ghouls. they are "undead," but undead in the same way that half-orcs are orcs & half-elves are elves. stylistically, i'm thinking about the people from the necropolis litharge in the sandman, & vampire hunter d. you know, pallid & all that, but without any actual blood sucking. more like lots of dark colours & baroque fashions & owning funeral parlors. right now they have a +1 to dcs of necromancy spells cast, a favored class of cabalist (but oh! maybe i want to make it dabbler!), +1 racial bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, & disease (see, part undead!), & claws for 1d4+str. yawn, basically, but i'll throw some tweaks in before the day is done.

also, i can't help but consider changing "elves" to "wights." i really like the word & its actual meaning of either person, or strong. no big surprise that i like archaic words, hrm? i think its very weird that dwarves (& humans) are the most unchanged from regular dnd, though i did mess with the dwarves a little. if i could think of a name change for dwarves that i liked, i probably would change elf to wight. look at me burning the bridges connecting me to dnd, ma!
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the low hills of folklore.

only kingtycoon came out & said how much skinnier i look now. i dropped a little more than twenty pounds (20 lbs) of muscle mass. its great to slide towards sickly & skinny. you know, when i was still in utero, i was almost killed by a serpentine umbilical cord; i had to be c-sectioned out. i feel like i was almost a miscarried fetus named chappie. lets all shake our fists at heaven. lets all lock & load & shoot our guns at heaven. lets all experiment at los alamos & rain nuclear fire on heaven. lets all be involved in
nanotechnology experiments at carnegie melon in 2008 & send microscopic shredders to heaven. lets all invent an affordable way to create large quantities of antimatter in 2009 & send high-yield slug-combinations to heaven.

i've got nothing but this mouthful of frustrated venom.
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i tuck into cornors like blue into indigo. all the sapphire colours of predatory insects. how the swarm animates hollow beings. too long the grigori synapese (lonely & fallen to pieces) run over the tree roots of today like tag-a-long norns. oh snip this thread, skald. bil-on-the-moon. oh knock down the foundations of castle crowley. that old serpent coils around the doctor's cadacus. gypsies steal the nails from christ's crucifixion & all hell breaks loose.

eventually there is enough wickedness in the world & i'm like a kid in a candystore. i'll take half-a-dozen (6) thoughtless cruelties & a full liter of sweet fizzy spite. give me my malice mister (mr.) wonka! give me my gumdrop-laden glares & dissolving disregard. this is my computer programming segment; 10 ? hate hate hate 20 goto 10.

play on organ grinder; i'll come across your lips like some semblence of self. like a fly across parched mouths; a scroll from an angel, bitter to taste but in the belly, sweet. i'll tear those cauls clear of eyes. & its beautiful. & its terrible, & you're just seeing the reflection of it. five (5) points for the little lady with the carmal apple. trembling with the anticipation of english voodoo. of pain & pleasure.

you take a left at the next wooden gate & into the freak show segment of today's black sunday. curved bones & missing parts. all those offspring bouyant in jars. some of the cojoined twins you can almost imagine track marks on, moniters & incubators & all of science trying to keep them alive. you can almost imagine it & you arn't sure if they just moved or if you imagined it. those pepermint twirls from the candyshop dripping along your skin like woad. god you are stitched together & i'm a puddle of stained glass. all the melting bits of film. pressing a cigarette to celluloid it flares like a dying nova & then distorts & deforms. spreading starlight.
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to the lady in the black gloves (an open letter)

this tendency of to cloak everything in is astonishing. they say sunk, & it that easy them. the clash of at thera in an instant. vanished beneath their . noah survives the with the of his ark. exctinction , as though the swell of the flood were something needed to deceive about.

how easy the myrmidon host is swept under the rug of an invented history. oh lo, kerubim. how lightning splits the sky. how the locusts divide light from dark. oh how we toed the line. they cast us down but we took their hearts with us.
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goblin sneak

see that jack-o-lantern smile with i say knife.

when i say see, i mean holy, i mean place & i mean being. i own no concept of perception. or at least, wed asssumption to sight because bayes convinced me that so long as i am faithless, i am honest. god the trees are like octopi reaching for the moon (says an icepick portrait of a boy). the wind cyclones helicopter seed pods higher & higher outside & the e at the end of the word outsid e hangs there like an engine in a children's story, or like wild bill hitchcock's silhoutte. carsickness vertigo clinging to felt wrapped porcelin. milky light tasting sour on every nocturnal emission. my teeth rattle around in my skull like piano keys.
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