October 12th, 2003


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hey, remember that time i went to see KOMPRESSOR'S only performance ever? god, i'm so much better than you. only human is a motto i can embrace i guess. as a utterance to be voiced when soft organics are being crushed between my reinforced titanium claws (construction completion expected 2008). & as it was pointed out, war between man & machine is a-okay with me, since my avowed goal has been to kill everybody. machinemen, cyborgs, androids, sythetics, replicants included.

yesterdays spasm of activity was brought to you by the letter m, the livejournal users nineof26 & fallenoptimist, & the funky tit-having girlfriend jenny. oh & i killed the fuck out of every living fucking thing in middle earth. surprisingly, mirkwood was the last place to fall. then we watched an abyssmal romantic commedy. then my brains fell out, sprouted scuttling pedipalps, & ran up the walls. its a terrible parasite, i tell yeah, & it could get you at any moment.

i made hot dogs, cutting them in half lengthwise so i could fit them in my cripple-mouth (my cripple-mouth resembles the robo's stomach mouths, as described in various jeff noon short stories in his pixel juice compilation). cooking them in the toaster oven caused them to curl up into C's! how am i supposed to eat them now, i implore the gods? who am i kidding. i "implore" gods by putting a shank in their belly & taunting them while they slowly die in the back seats of cars (think: mr. orange).
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